China News Service, Beijing, March 21st. On the evening of the 20th, Beijing time, the WTT Singapore Grand Slam came to an end, and the Chinese team swept all 5 individual championships.

In the final men's singles final, Chinese players Fan Zhendong and Ma Long ushered in a 7-game fierce battle. In the end, Fan Zhendong defeated Ma Long 4:3 and successfully won the championship.

Image source: Official Weibo of the World Table Tennis Professional League.

  In the final, Fan Zhendong took the lead. He took advantage of the backhand attack to go to the two cities with 11:6 and 11:6.

  Since the third game, Ma Long has adjusted his state, strengthened the attack on the first three boards, and controlled the game by mobilizing Fan Zhendong.

  In the fourth game, Ma Long once led 6:1, but Fan Zhendong stabilized his position after that, and kept looking for opportunities during the stalemate between the two to catch up with the score.

After the two sides tied at 8:8, he scored 3 points in a row to drag the game into the tiebreaker.

In the decisive game, Fan Zhendong took the initiative from the beginning and finally won 11:7.

  This is Fan Zhendong's second championship in this tournament, after he and Wang Chuqin won the men's doubles championship.

After the game, Fan Zhendong hoped that everyone would give all the applause to Ma Long, "He is an admirable teammate and opponent, (Malone's) usual attitude, including the purity of the court, are the aspects that he must try to get close to him. In addition, Fan Zhendong also expressed his gratitude to the fans who supported him.

Image source: Official Weibo of the World Table Tennis Professional League.

  Ma Long also praised Fan Zhendong, "I think Fan Zhendong is indeed the strongest player in the world now." He said that Fan Zhendong's strength is not only reflected in the world rankings, but also in his ability to control the game. , have reached a higher level.