Kiwoom's Jang Jae-young, who made his debut last year with the second-largest down payment of 900 million won, showed a different look in the demonstration game.

With more stable control, he played without a score in 4 games in a row.

This is reporter Bae Jung-hoon.


Jang Jae-young, who was selected as the first rookie of the year last year, but could not overcome the chronic control anxiety, is looking for a solution with an anomalous 'ball combination' in this demonstration game. 

His top speed is 155 km/h, but when he increased the proportion of a variable ball rather than a swaying fast ball, the power of the fast ball was revived as well.

Last year, 73% of all pitches were fastballs, but in this season's demonstration games, the proportion of fastballs dropped significantly to 53%.

Today (20th) against Hanwha, he threw more changing balls than fastballs and cooked batters, and scored 4 consecutive games without a score in one inning, raising hopes for a rebound. 

Hanwha native ace Kim Min-woo delivered a perfect pitch to block the Kiwoom line with a no-hit in five innings.


Rookie of the year, KIA Eui-ri Lee, who made her first appearance in the demonstration game belatedly due to a blister injury in her finger last year, announced that she was in good health by using a fastball with a maximum speed of 148 km/h to prevent a scoreless inning. 


LG's 5th-year prospect Chan-eui Song took the lead in home runs in the demonstration game with a surprise performance by hitting the 3rd home run in the NC match.

(Video editing: Kim Jong-tae)