Today, there is likely to be real pressure in the large indoor arena in Belgrade, where the indoor world championships in athletics will be decided.

This is when the Serbian Ivana Vuleta (formerly Spanovic) tries to defend her gold.

She is one of the biggest favorites ahead of the long jump competition, but when she herself was asked to highlight the toughest competitors, she chose a Swedish one.

- I love good competitions, because that is when you can deliver good results.

I will jump against Khaddi Sagnia and Lorraine Ugen (UK) and they are the ones who have been the best this season, she said.

"She is life threatening"

It is praise that Sagnia herself is happy to receive.

- It is wonderful.


Federation captain Kajsa Bergqvist thinks that Vuleta is right in highlighting Sagnia.

- They should be afraid of Khaddi.

She is life threatening.

When she hits full speed and gets the speed with her, everyone knows what capacity there is, she says.

Fourth best this year

Sagnia feels in good shape before this year's first championship.

So far this year, she has jumped 6.70 meters at best, but the real hit has been long overdue.

- The goal is to jump better than the seasonal best I came here with.

Then just drive on.

It will be tough already in the first three jumps so it is important to perform well as early as possible.

The long jump starts at 17.37 on Sunday afternoon.

Sagnia is fourth in the starting field if you rank season best.