Senbatsu High School Baseball kicked off at Koshien Stadium, and in the first match immediately after the opening ceremony, Saitama's Urawa Gakuin defeated Oita Maizuru High School in the 21st century frame 4-0 to advance to the second round.

Urawa Gakuin took the lead in the 4th inning with no goals scored by both teams and 3 points in the 5th inning with Itsuki Takayama's two-run home run. We expanded it to 4 points and advanced the game to the advantage.

Starting pitcher Miyagi Honan pitched the pitcher with a sharp fastball and took 13 strikeouts to shut out the Oita Maizuru batting line, and Urawa Gakuin won the game 4-0 in the second round. I proceeded to.

On the other hand, Maizuru Oita, who made his first appearance in the 21st century through spring and summer, showed a tenacious pitching in which pitcher Okumoto Tsubasa of Ace pitched seven times and stole nine strikeouts. , The hit line did not behave as two hits, and it was not the first victory for Koshien.