Senbatsu High School Baseball, 3 games of the 1st round will be held on the 2nd day of the tournament.

Game 1 Hiroryo vs. Tsuruga Kehi

In the first match, Koryo High School in Hiroshima and Tsuruga Kehi High School in Fukui will play against each other.

Both schools have won the championship in Senbatsu and are one of the best cards in the first round.

Koryo, who has won the Senbatsu three times, has a strong hitting line, with No. 4 Kei Manabe marking the top 25 RBIs in the 32 participating schools in the official game last fall.

At the Meiji Jingu Tournament, he scored an average of 7 points or more per game and won second place.

Tsuruga Kehi won the 2015 Senbatsu.

Captain and ace pitcher Yuki Kamikazeda is the main pillar of the team.

As a pitcher, he throws straights over 140km and various changing balls with good control, and as a batter, he is assigned the 4th position with strong batting, and it seems that the key is to pull the team by throwing.

Game 2 Nagasaki Hidaka vs. Omi

In the second match, Nagasaki Nihondai High School and Omi High School in Shiga will play against each other.

Nagasaki Nihondai has participated for the first time in 23 years.

It features a continuous batting average centered on Kazuki Matsuo and Keita Kawamura, who marked a batting average of well over 40% in the eight official games last fall.

At the Kyushu tournament last fall, I won the best four.

Omi in Shiga was decided to participate for the first time in four years just before the start of the tournament, after Kyoto International High School was confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus and declined to participate.

Captain and ace pitcher Haru Yamada, who contributed to the National High School Baseball Championship last summer for the first time in 20 years, was injured in his right elbow and did not pitch in the official game last fall, but this month's practice I'm pitching in the game, and the pitching at Koshien also attracts attention.

Game 3 Nishogakusha Daisuke vs. Seiko Gakuin

In the third match, the high school attached to Nishogakusha University in Tokyo and Seiko Gakuin in Fukushima will play against each other.

The Nishogakusha University attachment has a tenacious defense centered on Ace's left pitcher and pitcher Fuse Tokai.

In the attack, Seya Daimu, who also experienced Koshien last summer, marked a batting average of 50%, 4 minutes and 2 minutes in the official game last fall, and the key is to be able to put a runner in front of Seya. increase.

Seiko Gakuin won the second place at the Tohoku tournament last fall.

Ace pitcher Miki Sayama has completed a complete game in 6 of the 9 official games pitched in the fall, and his ERA is stable at 1.00.

On the other hand, the batting average of the team batting average in the official game last fall was only 20%, 6 minutes and 7 minutes, and the point is whether we can demonstrate the results of this winter's practice that we spent most of our batting.