All stables and drivers:


Lewis Hamilton - George Russell

Red Bull Racing

Max Verstappen - Sergio Perez


Alexander Albon - Nicholas Latifi

Haas F1 Team

Kevin Magnussen - Mick Schumacher


Lando Norris - Daniel Ricciardo

Aston Martin

Lance Stroll - Sebastian Vettel


Charles Leclerc - Carlos Sainz


Pierre Gasly - Yuki Tsunoda

Alfa Romeo

Valtteri Bottas - Zhou Guanyu


- Lewis Hamilton, has not only become Sir Lewis Hamilton, now he wants to add the surname Larbalestier as well.

After his mother, who always stood by her son's side.

- Speaking of Hamilton.

After the meager second place in last year's WC, he is now looking for his eighth WC title.

That would put him alone on the F1 throne.

Ahead of this year's season, he and Michael Schumacher still stand on seven titles.

- It will be the first championship since 2012 without Kimi Räikkönen.

The Finn decided to retire after last year's season after a total of 352 F1 races in two stays between 2001-2009 and 2012-2021.

Russian driver Nikita Mazepin was fired from his stable Haas F1 Team after Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

This is despite the fact that the international federation has announced that they have allowed Russian and Belarusian drivers to compete in the championship under a neutral flag.

Reigning champion:

Max Verstappen, Red Bull Racing

- Verstappen took his first World Cup title after a huge drama.

The victory was not secured until the final race in Abu Dhabi in December.

A title that Lewis Hamilton seemed to have in his hand, but after crashes and restarts, Verstappen got the chance.

And at the end, Verstappen passed by and took his first title in the championship.

Swedish F1 history:

- Ronnie Peterson is the best Swedish F1 driver of all time.

He was called "Superswede" and won ten F1 races and took 26 podium places between 1970-78, and was hugely popular.

Drove for March, Tyrrell and Lottusstallet during his career.

Peterson died in the suites of a violent crash on the Monzabanan in September 1978.

- Marcus Ericsson is the latest Swede in F1.

Drove 97 races between 2014-18 for Caterham-Renault and Sauber-Ferrari.

- Sweden arranged the Swedish Grand Prix at Scandinavian Raceway in Anderstorp between 1973-1978.

It is Sweden's latest F1 organizer.

- A total of ten Swedish drivers have competed in F1.

Joakim Bonnier, Reine Wisell, Ronnie Peterson, Gunnar Nilsson, Bertil Roos, Torsten Palm, Conny Andersson, Slim Borgudd, Stefan "Lill-Lövis" Johansson and Marcus Ericsson.

CLIP: Max Verstappen is the new champion in Formula 1 after drama (13 December)

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Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen Photo: Bildbyrån