Sumo Spring Basho will be on the 7th day, and the 1-defeat Shin-Ozeki Mitakeumi will play against Abu Saki in the flat curtain.

From the 18th of the 6th day, Terunofuji Yokozuna was closed due to an injury such as his right foot, and the place was absent from the yokozuna.

In the Makuuchi, Takayasu of the flat curtain is the only one to win, and Mitakeumi of the new Ozeki, Wakatakakage of Sekiwake, and Kotonowaka of the flat curtain are one defeat.

Of these, Mitakeumi will play against Abu Saki of the flat curtain on the 7th day of the 19th.

In the match record, Mitakeumi has won 9-4, but in the previous place, he was defeated by pulling down the place where his upper body was raised by pushing.

For Mitakeumi, the point is to be able to push in with a sharp start and then firmly attack the front without giving in to the opponent's pull.

On the other hand, Abu Saki wants to show an offensive that makes the most of his powerful push.

Takayasu, who has won, will play against Hokutofuji in the flat curtain.

In past matches, Takayasu's 9 wins and 8 losses are almost equal.

Wakatakakage, who lost one, played against Daieishō Hayato in the flat curtain, and Kotonowaka played against Sadanoumi in the flat curtain.

Takakeishō Ozeki, who lost two games, will face Tamawashi, who defeated Terunofuji Yokozuna on the fifth day.