Senbatsu High School Baseball, which was scheduled to start at Koshien Stadium on the 18th, was canceled due to bad weather, and each team whose first match was postponed on the 19th adjusted at the indoor practice field of the stadium.

Senbatsu High School Baseball, which is celebrating its 94th anniversary, was scheduled to start on the 18th, with the opening ceremony and three games in the first round, but it was canceled due to bad weather and was postponed on the 19th.

At the Koshien Stadium, an announcement was being made to announce the cancellation, and a sign saying "Today's cancellation" was also displayed near the entrance, and fans were shooting with their smartphones.

Each team scheduled for the first match on the 18th coordinated at the indoor practice field and responded to online interviews.

Captain Yatani of Urawa Gakuin "I want to switch my feelings"

Akiho Yatani, the captain of Urawa Gakuin in Saitama, said, "I can't help rain, so I want to change my mind. I was able to concentrate on my indoor practice today."

On top of that, he said, "I've been told by the coach that I've met the team but it doesn't feel like a match. I want to be at the forefront of the match."

Urawa Gakuin Director Mori "Preparing for postponement"

Archbishop Mori of Urawa Gakuin said, "I was preparing for the rain forecast from yesterday, so I'd like to change my mind. I've been in close contact with the students so far, so I'm slowly taking a hot spring today. I want to enter. "

Also, regarding the first match at Koshien, he took over the coach from Osamu Mori, the father of coach Mori, who had commanded the team for 30 years. Last summer, Koshien was defeated in the first match and lost regretfully, so I want to prepare to win the first match. "

Oita Maizuru Kai Captain "Sorry for cancellation"

Kyoshiro Kai, the captain of Oita Maizuru High School, said, "I've been adjusting for this day since I entered Osaka, and yesterday I was trying to take care of my body and unify my spirit, so I'm sorry to hear that it was canceled." ..

He said, "I think I'll be in good shape tomorrow. I want to show what I've prepared so far and play without fear of mistakes."

Maizuru Oita Director Kawamuro "Just go to eat"

Seiji Kawamuro, director of Oita Maizuru High School, said, "I heard that the bus was canceled when I arrived at the stadium. The players were surprised. It's a shame because I adjusted for this day." Did.

Then, for the first match, he said, "Students from school are also coming to cheer us on, so I want to play in a good environment. The power is obviously higher, but we just eat."

Wakayama Higashi Captain Konoue "Indoor practice was tightened"

Heira Konoue, the captain of Wakayama Higashi High School, said, "I'm sorry, but I want to think that I can improve my level. The indoor practice was a very nice atmosphere as a team, and I felt relaxed." I told you.

And for the first match at Koshien through spring and summer, "We all have a strong feeling and want to aim for one win first. I also hit as many hits as possible to win. I want to contribute. "

He also mentioned Kyoto International High School, which declined to participate due to the infection with the new coronavirus, and said, "As a representative of the same Kinki region, I would like to do my best for Kyoto International."

Wakayama Higashi Yonehara Director "I'm glad in terms of experience"

Director Toshihide Yonehara of Wakayama Higashi High School said, "It was postponed, but I was able to practice in the indoor practice area, so it was good in terms of experience, and the players were able to practice very calmly."

For the match, he said, "I can't practice at Koshien and I'm worried that I'll be in the match suddenly, but I'm looking forward to the many people from the local area who come to support me."

The final will be on March 31st

The schedule will be postponed one day after the 19th, and the final will be held on March 31st.