Regarding Senbatsu High School Baseball, which will start one day later due to bad weather, the Takano Ren = Japan High School Baseball Federation and others have abolished the upper limit of 20,000 spectators from 22nd this month based on the decision of Hyogo Prefecture where Koshien Stadium is located. I decided to do it.

Regarding this year's Senbatsu High School Baseball Federation, Takano Ren and others have decided to limit the number of spectators to 20,000 while Hyogo Prefecture has issued "priority measures such as prevention of spread" as a countermeasure against infection with the new coronavirus.

Under these circumstances, the "priority measures" will be lifted by the deadline of 21st of this month, and Hyogo Prefecture has also approved that if infection control measures are taken for large-scale events, the capacity of the venue can be accommodated.

In response to this, Takano Ren and others discussed how to respond and decided to abolish the upper limit of 20,000 spectators for Senbatsu High School Baseball from 22nd this month.

For Alps seats that are only allowed to enter by those involved in the participating schools, in order to take measures such as sitting at intervals, the upper limit per school has been raised from 1800 to 3000, and the support of the brass band club has been raised. Also, the limit of up to 50 people will not change.

Takano Ren and others will sell tickets from noon on the 19th to the 26th of this month, and will start selling the games after that as needed.

The capacity of Koshien Stadium is about 47,000, but it is not clear how many tickets will be sold.