Djokovic is allowed to play at the French Open

  On March 17, Mauresmo, director of the French Open, confirmed that according to France's current epidemic prevention measures, Djokovic does not need to be injected with the new crown vaccine, and he can also participate in the French Open.

In addition, although Russian players cannot raise the flag after winning the championship, they are still free to participate in the French Open.

  According to the French government regulations, starting from March 14, France will no longer require proof of vaccination when taking public transportation and entering public places such as restaurants, bars, cinemas, theaters, and markets.

The decision means the French Open will be the first Grand Slam tournament in two years to fully ease virus restrictions.

Including Djokovic, even if there are players or officials who have not been vaccinated against the new crown, they can participate freely.

  "The 2022 French Open will last for three weeks, including qualifying rounds, and we welcome players and the public to participate in this year's tournament," said Mauresmo, tournament director of the French Open.

However, Moreton, president of the French Tennis Federation, also said that since the French Open will start in late May, the rules for watching and participating in matches will still be adjusted due to the development of the epidemic.

"There is still a virus spreading, and we have to be cautious. If the epidemic intensifies again, the government will take new measures, and we will not be independent from the epidemic prevention measures." Moreton said.

  This year's French Open is scheduled to run from May 22 to June 5.

Djokovic is expected to play as the defending champion.

This is also the Serbian star's first Grand Slam tournament this season.

Djokovic was expelled from the Australian government earlier this year for refusing to be vaccinated.

  In addition to Djokovic actively preparing for the French Open, Nadal, one of the three giants, continued to maintain a fiery touch.

In the fourth round of the men's singles competition in the ATP1000 Indian Wells Masters held in California, USA, three-time champion Nadal finally defeated "American Cannon" Opelka in a double tie-break after being broken first in the second set. This season, he won 18 Winning streak.

Nadal will face Kyrgios in the next round.

Text / reporter Chu Peng