How the "Clanging Rose" was made

  On the occasion of the New Year of the Tiger, the girls of the Chinese women's football team won the 2022 Women's Asian Cup, standing on the top of Asia again after a lapse of 16 years.

  Among the female football players, Tang Jiali, Zhang Xin, Zhao Lina and Yang Lina are all from Putuo District, Shanghai.

The "one-stop" training mode of the Putuo women's football team has paved the way for them to become talents.

The continuous emergence of "Clanging Roses" is a vivid epitome of the "Shanghai Model" of deepening the integration of sports and education and comprehensively strengthening school sports work.

Putuo women's football "one-stop" based on education

  "As long as you don't give up, miracles will happen!" Zhang Xin wrote on her personal social media after winning the Asian Cup.

"Be a good person, read a good book, and play a good football", Zhang Xin and her teammates not only did it, but also used the tenacious struggle and never give up fighting spirit to contribute to the "one-stop" team training spirit of the Putuo Women's Football Team the most vivid interpretation.

  The "one-stop" training mode of the Putuo women's football team originated in 1993.

At first, Qian Hui, a women's football coach at Jinshajiang Road Primary School, hoped that the "good seedlings" she cultivated would maintain the stability of the team.

Later, with the support of Putuo District Education Bureau and Sports Bureau and other departments, these young women's football players have access to higher education.

After more than 20 years of exploration, a "one-stop" training model has finally been formed, which is based on Jinshajiang Road Primary School, Xinputuo Primary School, and the Affiliated School of Caoyang No. 2 Middle School. Form a development system of "becoming bigger in primary school, solid in junior high school, and stronger in high school".

  "One-stop" adopts the "three-intensive" training method of centralized training, centralized learning, and centralized accommodation. The coaches are also responsible for the athletes' study and daily life after training, and they eat and live with the athletes. To ensure the integrity of training.

  "The biggest feature of the 'one-stop' talent training model is to strengthen the comprehensiveness, systematicness and continuity of training in each stage of school in accordance with the laws of sports and the laws of physical and mental development of young people. From elementary school, junior high school to high school, students can A certain project has been continuously cultivated and developed in an all-round way." Chen Hua, director of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission's Department of Physical, Health, and Arts, introduced.

  People-oriented education is also reflected in the school's cultivation of students' comprehensive qualities such as culture, morality, and will.

"Whether you can read a good book is not only the focus of students, parents and the society, but also the key to the sustainable development of 'integration of sports and education'." Zhou Fei, the principal of Caoyang No. 2 Middle School, said that after these women's football players were recruited into the school, the head teacher and teachers are extremely responsible.

In order to reduce the impact of training and competitions on normal learning, the school has also formulated personalized learning plans and strengthened tutoring, so that students can practice ball and learn well.

  The "one-stop" training mode of the Putuo women's football team has transported 53 players to the national team, 49 players to the first-tier and clubs, and 176 players to the second-tier sports team.

In addition to professional players, some women's football players trained by Cao Yang No. 2 Middle School have also been admitted to prestigious schools such as Fudan University, Tongji University, Southeast University, East China Normal University, etc., achieving both cultural and sports achievements.

"When the plate gets bigger, the top kids can come out"

  Not only the Putuo women's football team, but also the Shanghai students have performed well in various sports events.

At the 14th National Student Games held last year, the Shanghai delegation won 71 golds, 44 silvers and 28 bronzes, ranking first in the number of gold medals, medals and total points. This is the result of Shanghai's continuous deepening of the integration of sports and education , to promote the achievements of the school sports "one-stop" talent training system construction.

  Since 2019, Shanghai has clearly promoted the basic "one-stop" layout of high schools, junior high schools, and primary schools in a certain proportion to realize the connection between teaching and training systems.

At present, Shanghai has completed the first batch of "one-stop" high school sports layouts for municipal schools, and 93 "one-stop" sports programs have been deployed in 67 high schools including Datong Middle School and have been evaluated for special purposes.

The project types cover 9 key projects including three major balls, three small balls, track and field, swimming, and martial arts, as well as 7 promotion projects including ice and snow, fencing, shooting, archery, aerobics, baseball and softball, and rowing.

The school is mainly based on the city's experimental demonstration high schools, covering a small number of city-specific ordinary high schools. In the future, the second batch of district-level school sports "one-stop" high school layouts will be carried out, and key projects will continue to be strengthened, and the development of regional characteristics will be supported.

  "When the plate gets bigger, the top kids can come out. Take football as an example, there are currently only a few hundred registered student-athletes in Shanghai, and it may exceed 100,000 to 200,000 in the future." Ni Minjing, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, said, "Our The main idea is to let children participate more in high-level sports training, and by engaging in a certain sports for a long time, to form a hobby or even become a specialty."

  In the blueprint of "one-stop" physical education in Shanghai, it covers courses, teachers, venues, competitions, scientific research and evaluation.

According to the plan design, a municipal experimental and demonstration high school will form a "one-stop" layout unit with at least 2~3 junior high schools and 4~6 primary schools according to specific projects, forming a high-quality, systematic layout of related projects. Supply, and promote the orderly connection of student training between different academic stages.

  Basketball has a history of nearly a hundred years in Shanghai Nanyang Model Middle School (hereinafter referred to as Nanmo Middle School).

Under the joint promotion of Xuhui District Sports Bureau and Education Bureau, a "one-stop" pagoda-style training has been formed with Nanmo Middle School as the leader and Nanmo Junior High School, No. 54 Middle School, Gao'an Road Primary School and Jiaotong University Primary School system.

  "After the implementation of the 'one-stop', the leading school, the Nanmo High School, will share resources with these schools, such as coaches, venues, and curriculum construction resources, and will also radiate and promote the campus basketball culture of Nanmo." Nanmo Pu Zhengquan, the vice principal of the middle school, said.

What has deepened the integration of sports and education?

  "This is the life of a boy who plays basketball in class 9. I believe that he will miss such a seventeen-year-old in many years; countless test questions, day and night upside down dreams, cheers on the court... Growth is more important than success!" In a previous basketball league, a Sunshine boy in the second year of high school who lost made such a statement on the official account of the class.

  Sports have unique educational value.

There is only one champion of the competition, but it can be everyone who enjoys the competition.

At Nanmo Middle School, basketball has become an indispensable part of every student's study and life.

"Basketball needs to be delivered - to cooperate with each other; basketball is round - to be united; basketball is played in competition - to have a sense of competition; basketball is ultimately to shoot - to be clear The goal of basketball is to follow the rules - no rules can not make a circle." In Pu Zhengquan's view, the unique campus basketball culture has brought a subtle educational effect to the students.

  As famous as Nanmo Middle School, there is also the characteristic volleyball education of Shanghai Shibei Middle School.

Shibei Middle School has a history of nearly 100 years and is one of the first experimental and demonstration high schools named in Shanghai.

Since its establishment in the 1950s, the school's men's volleyball team has sent a large number of outstanding athletes to the Shanghai men's volleyball team.

In the 14th National Student Games, the Shanghai middle school men's volleyball team, mainly formed by Shibei Middle School men's volleyball team, achieved the "three consecutive championships" in the National Student Games.

  "The victory of these competitions will have a great impact on the students. Every time they come back from a large-scale competition, the students of the sports team have to give speeches under the national flag and share their experience with the teachers and students of the whole school." Chen Jun, the principal of Shibei Middle School, introduced, Sports is the foundation of "five education".

In Shibei Middle School, there are teams in each class, and everyone can play ball. The school advocates "amateur culture" and "climbing spirit". In the process of playing together, the students improve their sense of equality and cooperation and enhance their enterprising spirit.

  Qibao No. 2 Middle School is a public junior middle school with a relatively large scale in Minhang District.

Under the guidance of the school-running philosophy of "happy learning and self-development", the school always pays attention to students' physical and mental health and actively promotes students' self-development.

In this way, the football project has gradually become the characteristic project of the school's sports brand.

  The "Double Reduction" policy implemented just last year has enabled the girls of Qibao No. 2 Middle School to have a more relaxed training environment, and the vitality of the "Shenshi Campus" has doubled.

The after-school delayed service training activities arranged by the school ensure that the team members have more training volume; the "double reduction" reduces the workload of homework, ensuring that the team members can balance training and studies, and parents are more assured and more supportive.

  The integration of sports and education allows more and more ordinary children to enjoy the joy of sports, and also makes more and more professional athletes walk out of the campus.

"As sports become a common way of life in people's daily life, more professional talents will be produced among ordinary people in the future. The athletes participating in the Olympic Games may be doctors, teachers, and civil servants." Chen Jun said.

(Reporter Ren Pengyan Weiqi)