Sumo Spring Basho is the second day.

Yokozuna Terunofuji lost to Daieishō Hayato in the flat curtain and suffered a black star as soon as possible.

It is a victory or defeat after entering the middle.

▽ Ichiyamamoto wins the new opening of Araatsuyama with a rush and named the first white star in the Makuuchi.

▽ To Kagayaki, Kagayaki pushes down the sky sea.

▽ Nishikigi is close to Tochinoshin.

▽ Chiyomaru is pushed out by Toyoyama.

▽ Kotoshoho is pushed down by Chiyo no Kuni.

▽ Myogiryu won by pushing out to Chiyotairyu.

▽ Kotoeko leans over to Terutsuyoshi.

▽ Aoiyama extrudes Shosaru to Aoiyama.

▽ In Wakamotoharu, Shimanoumi is close to Wakamotoharu.

▽ Takayasu scoops Takayasu into the sea of ​​Sada.

▽ Chiyoshoma won the Okinoumi Ayumi with a poor throw.

▽ Kotonowaka pushes out Takarafuji to Kotonowaka.

▽ Ishiura pushes Hokutofuji to Ishiura.

▽ Endo throws Endo well to Meisei.

▽ Kiribayama is a good thrower at Hoshoryu.

▽ Wakatakakage won over Abusaki by leaning over Wakatakakage.

▽ Abi sticks out from Tamawashi.

▽ Takanosho's victory Masayo Ozeki won by pushing out Takanosho's victory.

Kakuban's Masayo has lost two games in a row.

▽ In Ura, Mitakeumi wins in a row by pushing out to Mitakeumi of the new Ozeki.

▽ Ichinojo is close to Takakeishō Ozeki.

Kakuban's Takakeishō had a black star on the second day.

▽ Daieishō and Yokozuna Terunofuji won by sending out Daieishō.

Terunofuji is also the first black star in the place now on the second day.

On the second day of spring, 1 yokozuna and 2 Ozeki were defeated.

Wrestler discourse

Kotokuzan, who started the new season, gave the first white star, but after saying, "I was more happy than today that I won the ring in the Makuuchi, where I was ten," he said, "I wasn't hit strongly yesterday. I was conscious of being hit hard today, "he said calmly.

Tochinoshin from Georgia said, "It's sad to see. It's the worst, I want you to finish early. Peace is the best." I was talking with a good look.

Myogiryu from Hyogo Prefecture told Shiroboshi in Osaka, "In the midst of the corona, he has come all the way to the venue. I'm glad to see him win."

Shimanoumi is now tightening the make-up mawashi with the design of the popular manga that he is a fan of.

He said about the make-up mawashi, "I think it's a make-up mawashi made by the connections of various people, and when I put it on, I feel tight. I want to be able to get the results of sumo wrestling."

Abi mentioned his first white star as a new Sekiwake, but he said "I'm not aware of the ranking right now, so I want to continue this white star."

Another new Sekiwake, Wakatakakage, was calm at the start of the winning streak, saying, "I was often attacked from below. I want to concentrate on my sumo."

Takanosho, who defeated Masayo Ozeki, recalled, "I was able to get a sumo wrestling in front of me. I did.

Shin-Ozeki Mitakeumi defeated Ura in the same grade and won consecutive victories, but did not respond to the interview on the 13th.

Ura, on the other hand, said, "I want to win even once, but I can't win. I'm being unilaterally done, so I'd like to do my best to move more."

Ichinojo Takashi of the flat curtain seemed to feel a response, saying, "I wish I could do a sumo wrestling like today," with a white star in the four sumo wrestling that Takakeishō Ozeki is good at.

The defeated Takakeishō had few words, "I'll just do my best tomorrow."

Daieishō, who defeated Yokozuna Terunofuji and raised Venus, said, "It was a sumo wrestling that I couldn't hit at all in the presence, but after that, I was able to attack firmly in front. Maybe I'm in good physical condition. I'm really happy that I won. "

On the other hand, the defeated Terunofuji did not respond to the interview.