(Beijing Winter Paralympic Games) China's Winter Paralympic Movement achieves leapfrog development and the delegation analyzes the "success code"

  China News Service, Beijing, March 13 (Reporter Wang Zumin) The 2022 Beijing Winter Paralympics closed on the 13th. The Chinese delegation won a total of 61 medals with 18 golds, 20 silvers and 23 bronzes. Take the lead and realize the leap-forward development of the Winter Paralympic Movement.

Zhao Sujing, secretary general of the Chinese delegation, analyzed the "success code" of the Chinese delegation when summarizing the performance of the Chinese delegation in this Winter Paralympic Games.

  Zhao Sujing said that the care and love of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council is the fundamental guarantee for the outstanding achievements of the Chinese delegation.

  She said that since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, China has made new historic achievements in the cause of the disabled, and every medal won by the Chinese delegation embodies the special attention and protection of the party and the state to the rights and interests of the disabled.

It is the improvement of national strength and the improvement of the people's livelihood of the disabled that enable more and more disabled people to participate in ice and snow sports, and enable more and more disabled athletes to have the opportunity and confidence to participate in the Beijing Winter Paralympics. achive dreams.

  At the same time, the China Disabled Persons' Federation has provided all-round support for the preparation of the sports teams.

Since Beijing won the right to host the Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympics, the China Disabled Persons' Federation has formulated a number of plans and programs to form a national team to fill the gaps in the Winter Paralympic Games.

With the power of the National Disabled Persons' Federation system, training camps and national competitions have been held, and the number of national Winter Paralympic athletes has grown from less than 50 to nearly 1,000.

Since 2016, China has held the "Snow Sports Season for the Disabled" for six consecutive years, and the number of participating provinces has grown from 14 to 31.

A national ice sports competition training hall for the disabled has been built, and a number of winter project bases have been established, laying a good foundation for the popularization and improvement of winter sports for the disabled.

  In recent years, the China Disabled Persons' Federation has tried its best to overcome the impact of the new crown epidemic, organized continuous training, actively learned from international advanced experience, and continuously improved the level of athletes' competition; created conditions for athletes and sports teams to participate in international events, and strived for points and rankings. Strength to qualify for the competition.

  In addition, the comprehensive strength of China's disabled competitive sports provides strong support for the rapid development of the Winter Paralympics.

On the one hand, some members of the Chinese Winter Paralympic delegation cross-border selection from summer events, shortening the training period.

On the other hand, the successful experience and practices of the Chinese Summer Paralympics in terms of management, security, service, and scientific research have been fully applied to the preparation and participation of the Winter Paralympics, and have been applied in scientific training, team management, compound team building, science and technology. The Winter Olympics and other aspects continue to innovate and improve.

  "The hard work of disabled sports workers is also an important driving force for the Chinese delegation to achieve excellent results." Zhao Sujing said that generations of winter disabled sports workers have spent nearly two decades to contribute to the rapid development of China's Winter Paralympic Games. The development has laid a foundation for them to train, guide and escort the Winter Paralympic athletes carefully, and become the unsung heroes behind the delegation's outstanding achievements.