(Beijing Winter Paralympics) Summary of the Chinese delegation: A historic leap to write a new chapter in winter sports for the disabled in China

  China News Service, Beijing, March 13 (Reporter Wang Zumin) The Beijing Winter Paralympics closed on the 13th. The Chinese sports delegation ranked first in the double list of gold medals and medals with a total of 61 medals of 18 gold, 20 silver and 23 bronze.

Zhao Sujing, director of the China Disabled Persons' Federation and secretary-general of the delegation, said that the Chinese delegation made a historic leap in this Winter Paralympic Games and wrote a new chapter in the winter sports for the disabled in China.

  Zhao Sujing said that China has made brilliant achievements in sports for the disabled.

The spirit and strength displayed by the disabled sports in China demonstrates China's institutional advantages in promoting the development of disabled people, and reflects the achievements of Chinese-style human rights development and national development. It is another important symbol of China's continuous progress from a sports power to a sports power. .

  She introduced that the Chinese sports delegation has the following characteristics in this Winter Paralympics:

  The first is to participate in all events and make progress in an all-round way.

The Chinese delegation participated in 73 of the 6 major events in this Winter Paralympic Games. This is the largest delegation, the largest number of athletes, and the most complete participating events since China participated in the Winter Paralympic Games. one term.

All competitions have achieved the best results in history.

  Second, a historic breakthrough has been made in snow sports.

Before this event, the best Chinese athletes in the Winter Paralympics snow events were 4th.

The Paralympic alpine skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing and biathlon four snow sports won a total of 17 golds, 20 silvers and 22 bronzes, achieving a historic breakthrough.

  The third is that the ice sports have entered the ranks of the world's top teams in an all-round way.

The Chinese wheelchair curling team, even the Keqiang team, successfully defended the title.

The Chinese Paralympic ice hockey project started from "zero" in 2016, and began to form a national team in 2017. This time, he won the bronze medal in his first participation in the Winter Paralympics, which also made history.

  Fourth, the young Chinese legion is full of vigor.

85 athletes in the delegation participated in the Winter Paralympics for the first time, accounting for 88.5% of the total number of athletes, and many of them won gold medals and medals.

The optimistic, enterprising, sunny and self-confident appearance of the younger generation of disabled athletes in China is a vivid portrayal of the country's development, progress and vitality.

  Zhao Sujing said that in addition to showing a tenacious will to self-improvement and a strong spirit of patriotism on the field, Chinese Winter Paralympic athletes also explained the Paralympic values ​​of "courage, perseverance, motivation and equality" on and off the field.

She hopes that the performance and honors of Chinese disabled athletes at the Beijing Winter Paralympics will inspire more disabled friends to go out of their homes, better integrate into society through participating in sports, and achieve a brilliant life.