(Beijing Winter Paralympic Games) China's 18 gold medals and 61 medals top the list

  China News Service, Beijing, March 13 (Reporter Wang Zumin) With Norway's Petersen winning the Paralympic alpine skiing men's slalom-sitting gold medal, the 2022 Beijing Winter Paralympic Games have all ended.

The Chinese players stood on the last shift and won 2 more silver medals on the closing day, helping the Chinese delegation to win a total of 61 medals with 18 golds, 20 silvers and 23 bronzes, far ahead in the double list of gold medals and medals.

  In this Winter Paralympic Games, 19 delegations won medals and 15 delegations earned gold medals.

Among them, the Ukrainian delegation (11 golds, 10 silvers, 8 bronzes, 29 medals) and the Canadian delegation (8 golds, 6 silvers, 11 bronzes, 25 medals) ranked second and third in the gold medal and medal double list respectively.

France (7 golds), the United States (6 golds), Austria (5 golds), Germany (4 golds), and Norway (4 golds) ranked 4th to 8th in the gold medal list respectively.

  A total of 6 gold medals were produced in the Beijing Winter Paralympic Games that day.

Paralympic cross-country skiing held two relay finals. In the mixed relay 4×2.5km race, the Chinese team consisting of Shan Yilin, Wang Chenyang, Zheng Peng and Cai Jiayun won the silver medal. Fourth medal in the Paralympic Games (2 gold and 2 silver).

The U.S. team won the championship, and the Ukrainian team won the gold medal in the open relay 4×2.5 km.

  The Chinese team, which has won 3 gold medals in the Paralympic alpine skiing arena, made persistent efforts. In the men's slalom-stance competition, 19-year-old Liang Jingyi, the champion of the men's super giant slalom stance group, won the silver medal, winning him the victory in this Winter Paralympic Games. The second medal on the .

  The Paralympic ice hockey gold medal match recreated the final scene of the PyeongChang Winter Paralympics four years ago. The two veteran teams, the U.S. and Canada, met again, and the U.S. team had the last laugh.

After beating Canada 5-0, the U.S. Paralympic ice hockey team completed its four-game winning streak at the Winter Paralympics.

  This competition is the sixth time China has participated in the Winter Paralympics.

The Chinese delegation has a total of 217 members, of which 96 athletes participated in 73 of the 78 small events in all 6 major events. This is the largest delegation, the largest number of athletes, and the most participating events since China participated in the Winter Paralympics. full term.

  At the PyeongChang Winter Paralympics 4 years ago, the Chinese wheelchair curling team won the championship, achieving a breakthrough for China to achieve zero gold medals and zero medals in the Winter Paralympic Games.

Just four years later, the Chinese Winter Paralympic Movement has achieved leapfrog development while making a comprehensive breakthrough.