[Explanation] On March 10, the "International Paralympic Committee & Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee" held a press conference to introduce the "athlete-centered" event organization.

Yan Jiarong, a spokesman for the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, said that in addition to barrier-free facilities, "concept barrier-free" must also be achieved.

  [Concurrent] Yan Jiarong, spokesperson of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee

  During the preparation and holding of the Beijing Winter Paralympics, the in-depth development of "concept barrier-free" has been promoted.

Change starts with sports, not just sports.

It is hoped that the Beijing Winter Paralympics will help to change society's attitude towards disabled people from the depths of their consciousness, lead people to pay more attention to the improvement of disabled people's abilities, help them participate in social life on an equal footing, and obtain more and better employment, education, Medical opportunities, and constantly improve the sense of security, gain, and happiness!

  [Commentary] Shen Qianfan, director of the Olympic Village Department of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee and director of the Beijing Winter Olympic Village (Winter Paralympic Village) operation team, said that athletes are the protagonists of the Winter Paralympic Games, and the Winter Paralympic Village is in the landscape, facilities, leisure, medical care Security and other aspects are closely related to athletes, including food.

  [Concurrent] Shen Qianfan, Director of the Olympic Village Department of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee and Director of the Beijing Winter Olympic Village (Winter Paralympic Village) Operation Team

  The restaurant has set up 12 kinds of dining tables, including world dining table, Asian dining table, Chinese dining table, and halal dining table.

On the basis of ensuring food safety, we strive to meet the dietary habits and needs of athletes from different countries.

During the Winter Olympics, roast duck was very popular, and during the Paralympic Games, we continued to provide roast duck and other delicacies with Chinese characteristics to welcome guests from all over the world.

  [Explanation] The venue for Paralympic ice hockey is located in the National Stadium. This project is also the only project that provides laundry services for sports teams and referees at the venue.

  [Concurrent] Lei Ming, Executive Deputy Director of the National Stadium Venue Operation Team

  As of last night, we had washed 11,964 items of clothing during the Paralympic Games.

After these clothes are washed, they are also dried, but athletes' competition and training clothes can only be dried naturally.

(All clothes) need to be returned to the sports teams and referees 3 hours before the next training or game. This laundry is also a big challenge for us.

The laundry room in our venue is equipped with 2 industrial washing machines and 3 industrial dryers, which is equivalent to the functions of 40 household washing machines and 60 household dryers, which provide continuous service almost 24 hours a day.

  [Commentary] Craig Spencer, spokesman for the International Paralympic Committee, said that China has set new standards for the performance of sports events, and has also spent a lot of energy to promote the Paralympic movement. It is currently ranked in the Winter Paralympic gold medal list. Number one is a good proof.

  Reporter asked Baokui to report in Beijing

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