Tiger Woods, the 'golf king', was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

He brought tears to his eyes as he remembered his devoted parents who supported him.

Correspondent Seo Dae-won.


[Sam Alexis Woods (15 years old)/Tiger Woods' daughter: I am very honored to introduce my father, Tiger Woods, as a new member of the Hall of Fame.

] was awarded the Hall of Fame certification.

Woods recalled his childhood, not succumbing to racism,

[Tiger Woods: (Because he was black) he couldn't get into the clubhouse, but it didn't matter.

He just had to put on his golf shoes in the parking lot.

I only asked two questions.

Where is the location of the first hole, and what are the course records?

It's simple.]

I burst into tears as I talked about the story of my parents entrusting their house as collateral to fund the exhibition.

[Tiger Woods: If it wasn't for my mother's sacrifice... how could I have made it to those contests?]

Woods was inducted into the Hall of Fame with congratulations from his mother, son, daughter, girlfriend, and many colleagues.

[Tiger Woods: This is an individual award, but in fact, it is a team award with everyone who brought me this far.

Thank you very much.]

(Video editing: Woo-Jeong Woo)

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