• Karim Benzema and Kylian Mbappé were the two best players in this knockout round of the Champions League which saw Real Madrid eliminate PSG (3-1).

  • The two scored a hat-trick, although the Parisian had two of his three goals disallowed, including a marvel in front of Courtois.

  • 20 Minutes

    leaves the two tricolor prodigies after this crazy match.

From our special correspondent,

They delight us with each other and in front of each other.

Karim Benzema and Kylian Mbappé both hovered over this round of 16 second leg, not at the same time, and not with the same success, the eldest taking charge of consoling the youngster at the end of the ball on RMC: "Mbappé is disappointed , it's normal, he wanted to shine.

But he is young, he has time…”.

Still, what a panard to know that they will trample the competition in Qatar in the fall.

20 Minutes

decides between the two evening artists with its legendary objectivity

The reception of the supporters?

Songs for Kylian, habit for Benzema

We had talked a lot about the welcome given to Mbappé before the match, but the Madrid fans were able to keep their dignity.

During the warm-up, the name of the Parisian striker was greeted without further ado, the whistles mingling with the applause.

Then the stadium roared with delight when Carvajal sent him balling on the first contact of the match along the sideline.

Then, it must be said despite the Madrid press which will make you believe that it was the atmosphere of a lifetime, the stadium especially sighed in silence for an hour, before being transported by this improbable end to the match.

However, no particular ovation reserved for Benzema, nor singing to his glory.

We can understand that Ancelotti did not take the risk of taking him out in the event of a second Parisian goal.

But it's a shame, because such a memorable evening would have deserved an outing in

Lion King

mode , with 60,000 spectators standing in their seats and a thunderous racket to celebrate the captain and permanent firefighter of Real Madrid since CR7 put the sails.

On the contrary, it was Mbappé who was celebrated by the big thousand supporters who remained to celebrate the victory long after the match was over.

“Kylian, come home,” or something like that.

The most complete hat-trick?

Karim, you can't test

Yes, the two players planted three times, even if the Mbappé rocket was caught by the collar twice by the assistant referee, one of which we saw coming quite clearly since it was right in our axis.

Too bad, because this instinctive stepping over to avoid Courtois' great compasses, we thought we were reliving Pelé versus Mazurkiewicz a thousand years ago.

His finish on the other disallowed goal, a wonderfully placed flat safety foot, was neat too, as was his signature action, the foot closing at the last moment to send Courtois to the strawberries on the opener.

🥶🥶🥶 pic.twitter.com/tBDK8kyKFj

— ym🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 (@KieranCFC88) March 9, 2022

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And Benzema?

He warmed up in the first half with his own special, the curled shot from the left corner of the surface, before going to steal the ball from Donnarumma's feet on the action so contested by the Parisian leaders.

Pilferer, that pretty much defines the Frenchman's match.

His second goal is limit offside, after a shot already deflected by Marquinhos just right, and what about the third, a recovery without control and without thinking directly into the opposite side netting.

“I believe he is one of the greatest players in the world, the best 9 maybe with Lewandowski at the moment, raved Courtois.

I believe he showed why he might have to win the Ballon d'Or this year.

He's a great player, a real captain, he led the team to victory with his goals and his class.


The Madrid loan?

Karim the legend, Mbappé the next

A few figures, anyway, to tell what Benzema represents at Real Madrid.

500 games, more than 24 before overtaking Roberto Carlos to become the foreign player to have worn the merengue tunic most often.

309 goals, Di Stefano now in the rearview mirror, the next one who will be dropped off at the rest area is called Raul, nothing less.

No better than the few lines of our colleague from


to complete:

"Karim was already in the history of Real Madrid, now he is a legend.

Yes, he is more for Real than Cristiano.

He will never score as many goals as him, but there is no more Madrid player.

He never begged for a raise, never complained about criticism, competition, Mourinho's words.

Today, he is our captain, and he is the decisive player of a night who will go down in history.

Don Karim Benzema »

Will Kylian Mbappé join him in the house record book?

We wish him a lot of courage, but if we could still have a little doubt before the double confrontation, he disappeared.

How could we now imagine an extension to PSG rather than a fanfare arrival at the Bernabeu in July?

Guti, former club captain, already sees it there: “Kylian, your house is waiting for you.

You have seen where you have to be to experience nights like this”.

His parents too, who saw everything from the presidential gallery, alongside the Parisian delegation.

They will soon come more often.


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