(Beijing Winter Paralympics) Comprehensive news: China still leads the Paralympic hockey with 8 gold medals in the top six

  China News Service, Beijing, March 8 (Reporter Wang Zumin) With the two teenagers winning 1 gold and 1 bronze in the Paralympic Biathlon, the Chinese delegation won 8 golds on the fourth day of the Beijing Winter Paralympics. 8 silver, 11 bronze and 27 medals, continue to lead the gold medal and medal double list.

Ukraine (6 gold, 7 silver and 4 bronze) and the Canadian delegation (5 gold, 2 silver and 6 bronze) still occupy the second and third place in the gold medal table.

  Paralympic biathlon: Chinese players won 1 gold and 1 bronze, Ukraine team achieved two sweeps

  At the Beijing Winter Paralympics on the 8th, only the biathlon will produce gold medals.

In the 6 finals of the men's and women's middle distance, the Chinese team won 1 gold and 1 bronze.

  In the men's middle distance-sitting competition, 20-year-old Hebei teenager Liu Mengtao won the championship in one fell swoop, winning the eighth gold medal for the Chinese delegation in this Winter Paralympic Games. The third gold medal won, Liu Mengtao's second medal in this competition.

  On the first day of the Winter Paralympic Games, Liu Zixu won the first gold medal for the Chinese delegation in the men's sprint-sitting competition.

At that time, the envy of Liu Mengtao, who won the bronze medal, was beyond words.

After three days, Liu Mengtao finally became an enviable person. He said happily: "1 bronze and 1 gold, the task has been successfully completed."

  In the women's middle distance-visually impaired competition, 22-year-old Chinese player Wang Yue won the bronze medal, making up for her regret that she won the fourth place in the sprint competition and missed the podium.

  In the women's middle distance - standing competition, the Chinese delegation's opening ceremony flag bearer Guo Yujie ranked fourth, missing out on the gold medal.

In the previous biathlon women's sprint-stance competition, this little girl under the age of 18 became the first Chinese female athlete to win a gold medal in the individual event of the Winter Paralympics.

  Following the achievement of winning the men's sprint - visually impaired medals on the 5th, the Ukrainian team once again showed its strong strength in Paralympic biathlon, not only sweeping the women's middle distance - standing and men's middle distance - visually impaired. , and in the men's middle distance-visually impaired competition, five Ukrainian players took the top five.

At present, the Ukrainian team has won 4 gold medals in the Paralympic Biathlon of the Games.

  China's Paralympic ice hockey team has three consecutive victories among the top six and the top four on the 9th

  After a 6-0 victory over Italy on the afternoon of the 8th, the Chinese Paralympic ice hockey team topped the group with three consecutive victories.

  The participating teams of this Winter Paralympic Games are divided into two groups, A and B. The top team in the world ranks in Group A. The Chinese team is in Group B along with the Czech team, Slovakia and Italy.

According to the rules, after the group stage, all members of Group A will advance, the bottom two players of Group B will be eliminated directly, and the top two will advance to the semi-final qualifying round and compete for two semi-final seats.

  At present, the first Chinese team in Group B has qualified for the promotion, which means that the Chinese team has advanced to the top six and achieved the first goal of "protecting six and competing for three" scheduled before the game.

On the 9th, the Chinese Paralympic ice hockey team will compete for a semi-final spot in the promotion competition.

  The Chinese Paralympic ice hockey team, which was only established in 2016, is participating in the Winter Paralympics for the first time, but this new Paralympic army has made rapid progress and is expected to reach the top four after the competition on the 9th.

  Wheelchair curling welcomes another one-day double-race cross-country skiing with 6 golds on the 9th

  After losing to Canada and Sweden in a row after the start of the competition, the slow-warming Chinese wheelchair curling team finally showed its true colors as the defending champions, with Estonia, South Korea and Switzerland, ushering in a three-game winning streak.

After the match ended on the evening of the 7th, the Chinese team with three wins and two losses and the Latvian team temporarily tied for third place.

  A total of 11 teams will participate in the wheelchair curling competition of this Winter Paralympic Games. After each team competes with each other in a round-robin competition, the top four will be selected to advance to the semi-finals.

  On the evening of the 8th, Beijing time, the Chinese wheelchair curling team will welcome the US team, the sixth opponent of this Winter Paralympic Games.

At the PyeongChang Winter Paralympics, the Chinese wheelchair curling team defeated the Norwegian team to win the championship.

  On March 9, the competition for gold medals in the Beijing Winter Paralympics will be held only in the Paralympic cross-country skiing arena. There will be 2 gold medals for men's and women's sprint - sitting position and 4 men's and women's sprint (free technique) - standing and visually impaired. champion.