(Beijing Winter Paralympic Games) "Prairie Embroidery Girl" who is the torchbearer of the Beijing Winter Paralympic Games: it is a transmission, but also an inheritance

  China News Service, Xing'an League, March 7th: "Prairie Embroidery Girl" who served as the torchbearer of the Beijing Winter Paralympics: It is a transmission and an inheritance

  Author Zhang Wei Mai Lisu

  "This is both a transmission and a kind of inheritance." Recently, Bai Jingying, a Mongolian embroidered lady who served as the No. 51 torchbearer for the Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympics, said in an interview with reporters.

  On the morning of March 4, the torch of the Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympics was passed at the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee.

Bai Jingying, a national model of poverty alleviation and president of the Mongolian Embroidery Association of Keyouzhong Banner, Xing'an League, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, participated in the torch relay of the Beijing Winter Olympics Shougang Industrial Park section as the No. 51 torchbearer.

  On the battlefield of poverty alleviation, "prairie embroidery girl" Bai Jingying led more than 21,000 people to participate in the Mongolian embroidery industry, and led 2,895 registered poor households to increase their per capita annual income by more than 2,000 yuan.

  In October 2021, Bai Jingying was recommended by the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to be the torchbearer candidate for the Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympics. The confirmation letter that came, officially became a Winter Paralympic Torchbearer.

  Talking about her role as the torchbearer of the Beijing Winter Paralympics, Bai Jingying bluntly said she was very excited.

"I feel extremely honored to be able to represent Inner Mongolia in this torch relay."

  After learning that she became the Torchbearer of the Winter Paralympics, Bai Jingying, who is in her sixtieth year, did not dare to neglect her at all, and used her spare time to strengthen physical training.

The picture shows "Prairie Embroidered Mother" Bai Jingying as the torchbearer of the Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympic Games.

Photo by Ge Yubin

  On March 3, Bai Jingying went to Beijing to report, receive equipment, and learn the torch relay process and requirements.

At 6:00 on March 4, Bai Jingying got up early to make full preparations; at 8:30, the torchbearer was in place; at 10:30, with the help of the guide, Bai Jingying lit the torch from the hand of the previous torchbearer, holding a golden torch. The silver-colored torches "fly".

  "Seeing the torch burning in my hand is full of strength and hope, every step I take, I have the goal of unity, peace and progress in my heart." Bai Jingying said that this will be her precious experience and glorious memory.

  "Being able to witness the successful holding of the 'Double Olympics' in Beijing has shown China's confidence and strength to the world, as well as our beautiful vision." Bai Jingying said.

  Bai Jingying said that the Mongolian embroidery industry has now led 285 disabled people to participate.

"Their capabilities are improving, their industries are developing, and their incomes are increasing."

  Bai Jingying said that in recent years, the Mongolian embroidery industry in Hinggan League has continued to develop.

"Through this torch relay, I pay more attention to disabled embroiderers. I will continue to cultivate them to improve their ideological realm, ability and comprehensive quality, so as to make their lives better." (End)