CCTV News: On March 6, Beijing time, the 2022 WTA250 Lyon Open ended the women's singles final.

China's first sister Zhang Shuai successfully reversed the situation after losing a set first and breaking serve twice in the deciding set, and finally defeated Ukrainian player Yastremska 3-6/6-3/6-4, ending the close Four and a half years of championship drought, won the third tour women's singles championship in his career, and the first WTA singles championship won overseas!

  Zhang Shuai was in good shape in this event and advanced to the women's singles final without dropping a set. This is also the first time and the fifth time in his career that Zhang Shuai has entered the tour women's singles championship since the Nottingham Open in June last year. .

The champion with Zhang Shuai is Ukrainian post-00 player Yastremska. This is also her fifth WTA singles final.

This game is the third time the two have faced each other in their careers, and both sides have won one game before.

  In the first set, Zhang Shuai and Yastremska were both in good shape, but Yastremska had better luck and had a slight advantage in key ball penalties and net belts. In a multi-shot contest at the end of the 7th inning, when Zhang Shuai obviously had the upper hand, Yastremska saved the ball and swept the net into the bounds, allowing her to get a key score and complete the serve.

Yastremska finally won a set 6-3 with a break in the 6th game.

  In the second set, the two sides broke each other's serve to start the game, but Zhang Shuai broke again in the 4th game, and immediately took a 4-1 lead. During Zhang Shuai's serve, Yastremska once crouched down. Fortunately, Zhang Shuai's rhythm was not disrupted in the action of re-tying his shoelaces.

Zhang Shuai finally pulled back a set 6-3.

Before the final set, Yastremska went to the backcourt to make adjustments.

  In the third set, Yastremska took the lead in making it difficult to start 2-0, but Zhang Shuai immediately broke back and grabbed the score in the third game.

In the 6th game, Zhang Shuai lost consecutive points in a 40-0 lead and was broken again by Yastremska. Fortunately, Zhang Shuai broke again immediately.

  In the 8th inning, there was a dispute over the penalty as soon as it came up. When Zhang Shuai communicated with the referee, some fans on the scene booed.

In the case of a slightly tense atmosphere, Zhang Shuai withstood the pressure to complete the hair protection.

After that, Zhang Shuai broke and played two more rounds to win 6-4, defeating Yastremska to win his third career tour women's singles championship!