The Japan Professional Baseball Players Association did not offer a contract for the next season to the three players who have the rights of FA = free agent, but regarding Nippon Ham's response to a free contract, "One side of the value of the player I sent a protest statement to the team, saying, "It's something to lower."

In November last year, Nippon-Ham decided to make a free contract with Haruki Nishikawa, Taishi Ota, and pitcher Ryo Akiyoshi, who have FA rights, without presenting a contract for the next season. did.

Regarding this, Nippon-Ham "respected the rights acquired by the players and chose to be a non-tender who does not present a contract. I thought it was important for the players to be able to select a transfer destination including overseas without restrictions." Was explained.

As a result, Nishikawa transferred to Rakuten and Daejeon transferred to DeNA, but pitcher Akiyoshi could not transfer to the NPB team and joined the independent league Fukui prefecture team.

Regarding Nippon-Ham's response, the players' association said, "The transfer market for players is extremely limited, and players who are suddenly told a free contract will accept a large annual salary reduction in order to find a transfer destination. There is no choice but to significantly reduce the value. Nippon-Ham's actions are neither "respecting the rights of the players" nor "the ability to select a transfer destination without restrictions", and simply reduce the value of the players. It is something that lowers the target. "

After that, he sent a protest statement to Nippon Ham on the 7th, saying, "I can't overlook it for future players who will be nominated for a draft and contract."

President of Nippon-Ham Kawamura Baseball Team "I want to confirm and explain necessary for the players' association"

Regarding the protest statement from the players' association, Koji Kawamura, president of Nippon-Ham, announced a comment, "In the document, various points are pointed out about the team's response including the response to this FA player, but misunderstandings and There seem to be multiple misunderstandings, and the team would like to first confirm and explain the necessary information to the players' association. "

On top of that, "Our team has been observing the rules that have been decided so far, but there is a difference in position between the players' association and the team in the first place, and even if they are the same thing, their appearance will inevitably be different. Therefore, we believe that it is more important to discuss this matter carefully than to communicate in writing, and we plan to propose to the players' association that we should set up a forum for discussing this matter once, as well as necessary confirmation and explanation. That's it. "