A coach of the women's section of the Ivorian club Africa Sports has been suspended and then expelled from the team after accusations of sexual harassment of players, according to a statement from the club on Monday.

"For several weeks, press articles and electronic messages denouncing acts of blackmail and sexual harassment committed against the players of the women's team of Africa Sports in Abidjan by Mr. Touré Makadi, have been broadcast online and relayed on social networks, ”said the club in its press release.

"The statements and electronic messages obtained as part of the administrative investigation carried out discreetly with the athletes, today point to a high probability of the effectiveness of the alleged facts", continues the club, which specifies that the coach " intern" was suspended, then expelled from the group on February 16th.

Sexual blackmail via SMS

At the end of February, the French journalist Romain Molina, at the origin of revelations on facts of pedophilia in Gabonese sport at the end of last year, had published SMS attributed to the coach and sent to players in which he multiplies the sexual offers in exchange for supposed help in their careers.

The president of Africa Sports has suspended and expelled coach Makadi Touré following the blackmail/sexual harassment investigation of minors.

He also urges his club to hire a lawyer if the players want to take legal action in this case.

Keep the faith!


— Romain Molina (@Romain_Molina) March 6, 2022

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"Africa Sports of Abidjan strongly condemns such actions which tarnish the image of the club", notes the club in its press release.

After the publication of Romain Molina's revelations, the president of the standardization committee of the Ivorian Football Federation (FIF), Mariam Dao Gabalan, announced the opening of an investigation.


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