Takashi Toritani, who played an active part in professional baseball and Hanshin and retired from active duty last season, will be appointed as a coach of Panasonic, a strong baseball player based in Osaka.

This was announced by Panasonic's baseball club on SNS and other media.

According to this, Panasonic's baseball club will sign a coach contract with Mr. Toritani on the 5th, and will have players provide technical guidance and participate in community contribution activities conducted by the baseball club.

Toritani is 40 years old from Tokyo.

He has played for 18 years with Hanshin and Lotte since 2004, hitting a total of 2099 hits.

He also played an active role as an infielder representing the ball world, with him being selected as the best nine in six shorts.

On the other hand, Panasonic's baseball club, where Mr. Toritani is appointed as a coach, is a strong player in adult baseball based in Kadoma City, Osaka, and has won the Japan Championship twice.