Last year, Ida Dahl was third in the Vasaloppet and after several podium places summed up the season as second overall in Ski Classics behind the victorious Lina Korsgren.

This year, his career has taken another step.

Already in the season's third competition came her first victory in the Ski Classics - a milestone that was later backed up with three more wins and two other places.

- It has been a bit difficult to take in when you are in the middle of it because then everything rolls on and you only focus on the next competition.

But when you come home and get to land a little and have seen a few reruns, then you start to understand and then it always tingles a little extra when you see clips from the different competitions, it's great fun.

Leader totals

Ida Dahl leads Visma Ski Classics with 1454 points.

Second is Britta Johansson Norgren with 1384 points and Lina Korsgren third, 1100 points.

After a fifth place last in Tartu and fourth place last weekend in Tjejvasan, the goal on Sunday is crystal clear.

- I want to win absolutely, that is the goal but it will be tough and hard but I will do everything I can.

The ladies start at the same time as the men, which will mean high speed right from the start.

- It's probably important to be hard mentally in the beginning, I think, so as not to give up, because it's also nine miles.

I can usually get better the longer it gets so I usually go and think that soon the others will get tired, soon they will get tired… So as long as I hang on long enough, the others will get hooked.

The entire report with Ida Dahl before the Vasaloppet

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Meet the overall leader in Ski Classics before the Vasaloppet