China News Service, Beijing, March 4th. The Beijing Winter Paralympics are about to kick off.

At present, the sports display teams of the five competition venues of the National Gymnasium, National Aquatics Center, National Alpine Ski Center, National Biathlon Center and Genting Ski Park are ready, and the conversion of the award stage has been completed.

At the Beijing Winter Paralympics, video, audio content, and entertainment will highlight the themes of camaraderie, strength, courage and chasing dreams.

Hundreds of Chinese and English inspirational songs highlight the fighting spirit

  Sports display is an important carrier to set off the atmosphere of the stadium, and it is also an important window to display the athlete's style and the culture of the host country.

As the "atmosphere group" of the arena, the official sports display and award ceremony service sponsor of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics, Bei Olympic Group, has completed the sports display and award ceremony under the guidance of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee. Conversion work.

While continuing the achievements of the Winter Olympics sports display, the team made targeted adjustments to the audio, video, entertainment and other aspects of the Winter Paralympic Games.

  The Paralympic Games sports display video will use a large number of materials related to the Winter Paralympic mascot "Xue Rongrong" to add rich interactive content to the mascot, and at the same time use smart and cute movements to make the mascot appear alive; Select hundreds of Chinese and English inspirational songs from the music library, including "Glorious Years", "Fly Higher", "Youth", "The Sea of ​​Stars", etc., highlighting the themes of friendship, strength, courage and chasing dreams, fully embodying the disabled athletes In terms of entertainment performance, based on the continuation of representative programs such as "Peking Opera Dance" and "Technology Fluorescent Dance" of the Winter Olympics, students from Zhangjiakou Special Education School will be specially invited to perform cheerleading performances to create a show for children with disabilities. stage of self.

The "Tree of Life" on the stage of the Yanqing Winter Paralympics Awards Plaza.

Photo courtesy of Beijing State-owned Assets Company

The wonderful performance in the award plaza conveys the positive energy of hard work

  The award ceremony presents the highlights of the Winter Paralympic athletes to the world. It not only shoulders the heavy responsibility of spreading the Olympic spirit and Paralympic values, but also shows the world Chinese cultural heritage and social civilization.

  The Winter Paralympic Games will use the stage of the Zhangjiakou Awards Plaza "Passion for Dreams", and will use the "Tree of Life" stage in the Yanqing Winter Paralympic Awards Plaza to echo it to pay tribute to the spirit of the disabled athletes' endless struggle and perseverance. .

  It is understood that the Yanqing Winter Paralympic Awards Plaza will run for a total of 8 days (March 5 to 12), and the Zhangjiakou Awards Plaza will run for a total of 7 days (March 6 to 12). They will work together to complete the award ceremonies for 71 competitions.

  Before and after the award ceremony, the award plaza will also stage a wonderful award performance to pay tribute to the disabled athletes and to highlight the unique glory moment of the Winter Paralympic Games.

At present, the transformation of the Paralympic Winter Paralympic landscape, guide signs, and barrier-free facilities in the award plazas of the two places has been completed, and preparations are being made for the first award ceremony and performance of the Winter Paralympic Games.

  Combining the characteristics of the Winter Paralympics, the Beijing Olympic Group specially invited the disabled people's art troupe to participate in the awards performance, and added special programs that cared for the disabled and promoted the indomitable fighting spirit of the disabled.

More than 20 dance, vocal and instrumental performers for the disabled will show their optimism, self-confidence, high spirits, and pursuit of dreams on the stage of the Winter Paralympics through wonderful and inspirational performances, and convey their positive energy of perseverance and perseverance. .

At the same time, the award performance will also convey the desire and concept of disability integration.

  Compared with the podium of the Winter Olympics, the podium of the Winter Paralympic Games is equipped with a barrier-free ramp, which is convenient for the award-winning athletes in wheelchairs to take the stage to receive the award smoothly.

The barrier-free facilities and the humanized service of the award plaza's operation team complement each other, which will fully demonstrate the development level of China's disabled cause and the level of Chinese social civilization, and will also allow disabled athletes and officials from all over the world to feel the humanistic care of China as the host.