It was barely halfway into the match, which was played in a packed Husqvarna Garden, that the accident occurred to 20-year-old Andrae.

HV-backen - who was named the series' best junior - had the puck at the edge of the box in his own zone, when Modos forward Filip Svenningsson came at full speed and put a hard tackle that hit Andrae in the head.

Andrae got, apparently groggy, led out of the ice - and Svenningsson got a match penalty.

Kelleher match winner

But Andrae, who did not play more in the match but according to C More should feel good, could at least rejoice that his HV71 won the league final with 4-0.

Match winners were Tyler Kelleher and Fredrik Forsberg.

The American, who was recruited from Rögle last month but missed the last three matches due to injury, assisted on the first goal - and then put a nice 2-0.

CLIP: Kelleher's dream goal

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Kelleher's dream goal against Modo

The other two goals were scored by Fredrik Forsberg, both times played by Tyler Vesel.

- Today was a good day, says Forsberg to C More.

Eight points lead

The 2-0 goal was a real treat, where he went through the entire middle zone before he then faked away the Modo defense and then lifted a backhand shot past Modo's goalkeeper Tex Williamsson and made the excited Friday crowd explode.

- It's a cool atmosphere here.

Fun to be with, Kelleher told C More.

With the victory, HV now has an eight point lead over Modo, and one match less played.

HV has four matches left to play, Modo three.