Professional baseball coach Kazuyoshi Tatsunami has nominated Yudai Ohno, the ace pitcher, as the opening pitcher for this season.

Pitcher Ohno lost 7 wins and 11 losses last season due to lack of support from the batting line, but his ERA was 2.95 and he showed tenacious pitching.

This season, he was nominated as a captain along with Yohei Oshima, and in the spring camp in Okinawa, he entered the bullpen from the first day and threw it in, and in the open game with the Hanshin Tigers, he has shown excellent results such as keeping two runs free.

It was the fourth time for pitcher Ohno to serve as the opening pitcher for the first time in two years, and he said, "I was grateful and happy, and the warrior trembled with a tingling feeling. I commented.

Regarding the nomination of the opening pitcher, Tatsunami said, "I was thinking of going to Yudai Ohno from the time when the Central League schedule came out and the match against the giant was decided in the opening game. I'm doing well with it, so I'm looking forward to it. "

This season will start on March 25th, and Chunichi will play against the giants at Tokyo Dome.