The ranking of the Sumo Spring Basho, which will reach its first day on March 13, was announced, and the winner of the previous place, Mitakeumi Hisashi, sat in Ozeki in the west.

Mitakeumi, who faced Sekiwake at the first place in January, won the championship for the third time with 13 wins and 2 losses, and was promoted to Ozeki after the place.

Mitakeumi sat in Ozeki in the west in the spring place numbering announced on February 28th.

It is the first time in 227 years that a sumo wrestler from Nagano Prefecture has become Ozeki since the legendary Ozeki, Raiden, who demonstrated unrivaled strength during the Edo period.

Mitakeumi is a new Ozeki at 29 years and 1 month, and is the sixth senior wrestler who has stepped on the first ring since 1958 when the 6-place system was established.

In addition, Abi, who was involved in the battle for the championship with 12 wins in the 6th front, was newly promoted to Sekiwake.

Abi was quiet, went in and out of restaurants with entertainment, was suspended from three places for violating the guidelines of the Japan Sumo Association, and was temporarily lowered to the bottom of the curtain.

It is the fifth person since the Showa era since Terunofuji in November to return to the San'yaku after the San'yaku experience has been ranked below the Makushita.

Wakatakakage, who won nine wins at the front of the table, also became a new Sekiwake.

In addition, Hoshoryu, who won 11 wins in the 6th front, became a small conclusion of the new San'yaku, and Araatsuyama played a new opening.

Takakeishō, who was closed on the way, and Ozeki, who lost the game, will be greeted by "Kakuban".

The Sumo Spring Basho was held last year at the Kokugikan in Tokyo and Ryogoku due to the influence of the new coronavirus, so it will be held in Osaka for the first time in two years, and the first day will be on March 13.