All Swedish ladies are further from the sprint qualifiers.

Best of all was Olympic champion Jonna Sundling, who was absolutely brutally fast in the sunshine in Lahti.

The Swede was barely seven seconds better than runner-up Jessie Diggins.

Behind that, Maja Dahlqvist, sixth, Johanna Hagström, ninth, Emma Ribom, 16, and Anna Dyvik, 19, all made it to the quarterfinals without any strangeness.

- It was good.

Tough course, but Jonna was brutally strong.

I felt it.

Hopefully this is a wake-up call to the qualifiers later.

I was ten seconds behind.

It's a brutal lot, but then Jonna is the Olympic champion.

It's not just anyone, says Johanna Hagström.

Maja Dahlqvist was not completely satisfied after her qualifier.

- I think it felt pretty tough.

I'm glad I'm so high up anyway.

I needed to shock my body a little.

Sundling passed the mixed zone without stopping.