Open games began in professional baseball, and five games were played on the 26th.

▽ Softbank vs. Orix, Orix won 8-4.

In Orix, Rookie Watanabe, who was in 4th place in the draft, showed off his 3 hits, 1 RBI, 1 stolen base, and his unique meat power and speed.

Ota, who is aiming for the second regular, scored three RBIs with two extra-base hits.

At Softbank, both pitcher Senga, who is the opening pitcher, and veteran pitcher Wada left anxiety with 4 runs in 3 innings.

▽ Nippon-Ham vs. DeNA, DeNA won 5-0.

DeNA showed off skillful bat control by Mori hitting three hits in a pouring field.

Soto is a solo home run for two at-bats in a row.

Both new pitchers Miura and Tokuyama kept the first inning without any runs.

Nippon-Ham's left-handed pitcher Kono, who is aiming for the starting rotation, was tenacious with no runs in the third inning.

▽ Giants vs. Hiroshima Hiroshima won 3 to 1.

Starting pitcher Daichi Ohsera had good control and hit 3 times with 2 hits and no runs.

Pitcher Morishita, who pitched from the 6th inning, also summarized the 3rd inning into 1 goal.

On the batting line, the rookie Suebutsu, who entered No. 4, hit the first two-run home run.

As for the giant, pitcher Yamaguchi, who is sure to enter the starting rotation, showed good adjustments with no runs in the second inning.

▽ Yakult vs. Rakuten, Yakult won 5-0.

Yakult's starting pitcher Umeno appealed with no runs up to three times.

After the 4th inning, 6 pitchers were connected once each to shut out the Rakuten batting line with no hits.

In Rakuten, starting pitcher Kishi threw three times perfectly, but the batting line did not shake and it ended in no hit and no score.

▽ Chunichi vs. Hanshin won 2-1 with Chunichi.

In Chunichi, Okabayashi, who was in his third year competing for the outfield regulars, made three hits to appeal.

The starting pitcher, Yudai Ohno, threw two times and scored no goals, despite struggling to control.

Pitcher Akiyama of the Hanshin Tigers scored no goals in the second inning.

Pitcher Aoyagi also walked two times, one foreball and one dead ball, but no runs.

The open game of professional baseball will be held until the 21st of next month, and the season will start on the 25th of next month.