At the Okinawa camp of professional baseball and Nippon-Ham, Tsuyoshi Shinjo celebrated his first open game, but he nominated a player as a substitute manager and made an unusual attempt to not enter the bench himself.

Nippon-Ham played against DeNA in the first open match in Nago City, Okinawa Prefecture, the campsite.

After taking office as coach, Shinjo had indicated his intention to appoint the main pitcher Naoyuki Uwasawa as a substitute pitcher in this match, but an unusual attempt was made as the word says.

Pitcher Uwasawa formed a starting member in consideration of giving a chance to hit a line that is difficult to throw when he plays a match, and put Kensuke Kondoh, who has a high batting average, as the first batter.

Also, last season, pitcher Uwasawa, who had the most 12 wins in the team, went up to the starting pitcher's mound himself, and with the theme of throwing a fastball on the course, he threw one time and scored one goal with two hits.

After pitching, Uwasawa entered the bench and led the team as a manager, but Nippon-Ham lost 0 to 5 after conceding goals from the beginning.

On the other hand, Shinjo, who left the game to the players, watched the practice before the game on the ground, but disappeared before the game started, and watched from the balcony of the adjacent hotel during the game.

Pitcher Uwasawa, who acted as a substitute coach, said, "Because it is the players who play the game, I felt it was very difficult to make the best use of the players in the coach's work. I wanted not to make you feel the same. "