(Beijing Winter Paralympic Games) The three Winter Paralympic Villages of the Beijing Winter Paralympic Games were officially opened, and 48 delegations entered one after another.

  China News Service, Beijing, February 25 (Reporter Chen Hang Li Xiaowei) The three Winter Paralympic villages of Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou for the Beijing Winter Paralympic Games officially opened on the 25th, and 48 delegations entered the village one after another.

  The Beijing Winter Paralympics will be held in Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou. Each competition area will be equipped with a Winter Paralympic Village, which was converted from the Winter Olympic Village. The village has been pre-opened on the 23rd to welcome some of the advance members of the delegation.

  On the first day of the official opening of the village, the Yanqing Winter Paralympic Village ushered in the peak of arrival. 44 people from the Chinese delegation participating in the Paralympic alpine skiing event have completed their check-in, and 11 delegations from Australia, South Korea, Japan and other 11 delegations are expected to welcome 150 athletes. and accompanying officers.

  During the Beijing Winter Paralympics, the Beijing Winter Paralympic Village is expected to provide more than 1,000 beds, the Yanqing Winter Paralympic Village is expected to receive more than 500 athletes and team officials, and the Zhangjiakou Winter Paralympic Village is expected to receive more than 700 athletes and team officials. .

  As the living home of athletes and team officials, the apartment building, fitness center, entertainment center, square area and other areas of the Winter Paralympic Village have undergone facility conversion and temporary barrier-free facilities; the restaurant has redesigned dining seating and beverage placement. , reserved wheelchair dining area; opened wheelchair prosthesis repair center in the square area; equipped with barrier-free shuttle bus in the transportation area, provided disabled-specific platforms, special parking spaces, and set up special auxiliary personnel.

  The Zhangjiakou Winter Paralympic Village operation team has completed the inspection of barrier-free facilities and equipment, the replacement of the Winter Paralympic Games landscape, and the addition of necessary Braille guide signs, and has made timely rectification, renovation and improvement for the lack of barrier-free facilities and breakpoints.

  The running team of Zhangjiakou Winter Paralympic Village said that it will continue to welcome the arrival of athletes and team officials with warm and thoughtful service, so that athletes from all over the world will have a wonderful experience during the Beijing Winter Paralympic Games.

  The Beijing Winter Paralympics consists of 6 major events: Paralympic alpine skiing, Paralympic biathlon, Paralympic cross-country skiing, Paralympic snowboarding, Paralympic ice hockey, and wheelchair curling, with a total of 78 gold medals.

Currently, 48 delegations have qualified for the Beijing Winter Paralympics.

The competition will run from March 5 to 13.