JVM in ice hockey for boys was canceled due to multiple corona falls.

Sweden had won their two opening matches during the holidays but had to pack their bags and go home instead of playing ready.

Last week, however, the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) announced that the tournament will be replayed - in August.

It will be a completely new tournament where the previous results will be deleted.

It can also result in the team having to bring in players who were not in the winter tournament.

For Sweden, this means that Lucas Raymond, who is a regular in the NHL, could join.

- I honestly do not know.

If the opportunity arises, you always want to represent Sweden regardless of the environment.

But I do not know how it works with rules and what is allowed or not, but of course I would like to play if the chance comes, says Lucas Raymond in Hockey Night.

Raymond has previously done two JVM tournaments.

This season, he has settled in Detroit where he has accounted for 39 points, 13 goals and 26 assists, in 52 games.