The Beijing Shougang team took the high-speed rail to Qingdao on the morning of the 23rd. They will first play two warm-up matches with the Qingdao team and the Tianjin team in Qingdao, and then they will go to the Foshan Division.

The Shougang team held a departure ceremony before departure. Jeremy Lin, the foreign aid, said that they had practiced very well during this time, and they were very much looking forward to the third stage of the competition.

  The Shougang team has been actively preparing for the third stage in the past month, and the training is in good condition.

Team members are also relatively neat, fewer injuries.

Guard foreign aid Gibson has also resumed confrontational training recently, and his current state is also in the process of continuous adjustment.

Gibson said he hopes to help the team win more games in the third period.

  Jeremy Lin had a lot of ups and downs in the second stage, and he hopes to return with full blood in the third stage.

Jeremy Lin said: "Our recent training effect is the best time for so long." Coach Yannis said: "We will prove ourselves with practical actions."

  The Shougang team brought a total of 17 players to the competition area, including four foreign aids including Jeremy Lin, Gibson, Brown and Hamilton.

The Shougang team did not have a difficult schedule in the third stage. They faced Guangzhou, Xinjiang, Shandong, Beijing Enterprises and Ningbo twice respectively.

The Shougang team has a record of 17 wins and 11 losses after the first two stages, ranking eighth.