Xinhua News Agency, Chongli, Hebei, February 24 (Reporters Yang Fan and Guo Yaru) A few days ago, the Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Village for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics officially closed and entered the transition period for the Winter Paralympic Games.

  Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Village is located in the core area of ​​Zhangjiakou competition area. It is a 10-minute drive from the ancient poplar venues to the south and a 12-minute drive from Yunding Ski Park to the north. It covers an area of ​​19.7 hectares with a total construction area of ​​239,000 square meters. It is divided into residential area, square area and run area.

  The reporter learned from an interview that since the pre-opening of the village on January 23 and the official opening of the village on January 27, Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Village has received Olympic committee delegations from 59 countries (regions), and more than 2,200 athletes and team officials have lived and Life.

From February 15th, the relevant personnel began to return one after another, and the escort service provided by Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Village was highly praised by the delegations.

  Jia Kai, deputy director of the Olympic Village Department of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee and director of the venue operation team of Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Village, said that the venue operation team has always placed the preparation of the Winter Paralympic Games in an equally important position as the Winter Olympics, and all departments and positions are working together. Make concerted efforts to achieve "two Winter Olympics, equally exciting".

  At present, in Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Village, some buildings have posted Winter Paralympic signs, and a prosthetic wheelchair repair center is being opened in the temporary building at the entrance of the village.

During the transition period, Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Village will comprehensively inspect the barrier-free facilities and equipment, add necessary Braille guide signs, etc.; make necessary adjustments to functional spaces, streamlines, service facilities, etc.; open orthotics, prosthetics and wheelchair repair centers; Run the shuttle bus in the village; timely rectify, transform and upgrade the lack of barrier-free facilities and breakpoints.

  Jia Kai introduced that in addition to the hardware conversion, the operation team also carried out the Winter Paralympic Games guarantee training to ensure that the venue staff are fully prepared to serve the Winter Paralympic athletes and team officials, and to understand and understand the special needs of the Winter Paralympic Games. There are sufficient work plans and resource preparations to lay a solid foundation for the smooth and orderly development of the work.

  The Zhangjiakou Winter Paralympic Village will be pre-opened on February 25 and officially opened on February 27. More than 700 athletes and team officials will be hosted during the competition.