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Cristiano Ronaldo and Benzema


at the



In his first stage in

Turin ,


ended up arriving





ended up being indisputable




they wanted

Luis Suárez

and they showed him the exit door.

Back in Italy he shared the attack with

Cristiano, Dybala and Chiesa

, and now that the Portuguese is at


and the Argentine and the Italian are injured, that


-old Serbian beast named

Dusan Vlahovic lands


Álvaro Morata

's sports career

is full of goals and transfers.

Shots and movements that make him one of the footballers who has moved the most money in signings in the last decade.

Juventus paid 20 million to Madrid in 2014, 30 for the whites to get him back in 2016, 66 for Chelsea in 2017, 18 for Atlético for his transfer in 2018 and 35 for completing the signing in 2019... And 20 put Juve back in 2020 for his loan, which will end next June.

In total,

189 million


Almost nothing.

La Vecchia Signora

has spent a hundred less



, 80 for Fiorentina, the most expensive signing of the entire winter market, a new star of European football, and a signing that may cause some schisms in the final stretch of the season in the Series A and in the Champions.

With a striker like this,

Juventus is a candidate for everything


This was demonstrated in La Cerámica in just 30 seconds.

Long pass by


, control with his chest and shot with the right (he is left-handed), crossing the ball before

Rulli 's stretch


One of the first to congratulate the Serbian attacker was Morata himself, lying on the far left to balance Allegri's 4-3-3.

"He is very young, he has played his first Champions League game and has scored his first goal,

imagine what career he has..."

said the Spaniard about his new partner.

Morata, in his first game on his home soil since

Juventus' 0-3 against Barça

in December 2020, tried several times, but never managed to send the ball between the three sticks of the yellow submarine .

The World Cup list

Morata's performances are followed with special interest by

Luis Enrique

, in whose notebook the Madrilenian appears along with

Ferran and Gerard

as the most viable options for the starting 9 position.

Being able to play from an angle in an attack with three strikers could be one of Morata's keys for the World Cup, taking into account the versatile strikers that the Spaniard can summon.



, for the moment, it fits.

He is the

fourth with the most minutes of the Italian squad

and the

second with the most goals, eight

, behind the twelve led by


, absent yesterday due to discomfort.

Morata played the 90 minutes of a 1-1 that leaves the tie completely open.


We feel like more of a team

and it's very difficult to beat us", he assessed, and took a deep breath for a Serie A in which he hasn't scored since December 18.

Yes, he saw the door against Sampdoria in the Cup, adding eight goals,

five in the domestic tournament

and two in the Champions League, in

33 games


A not too positive baggage that will have to improve to continue knocking on the door of the selection.

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