• Francis Cabrel came to Marcoussis to chat with the players and push the song.

  • The Agenais singer was added to the list of personalities, chosen by Fabien Galthié, who came to tell their experience, their journey.

  • Guy Savoy, Thomas Coville, Jean Dujardin, Emmanuel Macron or Max Guazzini have visited the Blues in recent months. 

They were 6,000 at the Zénith de Toulouse and the Arena de Bordeaux, 3,000 in Strasbourg… and 42 at the Marcoussis National Rugby Center on Sunday.

Francis Cabrel completed the first part of his tour in front of the players of the XV of France, in full preparation for the third match of the Six Nations Tournament against Scotland, Saturday at Murrayfield.

Placed on a chair, guitar in hand, the singer from Age sang I love him to death, taken up in a slender voice by a conquered audience, amazed to see his "idol", according to Gaël Fickou, as if Santa Claus had appeared in front of a group of toddlers.

Of all the guests – “people in contact with the staff and/or the players” according to the FFR – at Marcoussis, Francis Cabrel is surely the one who received the most unanimous support.

Almost everyone went there with their photo, their little Instagram story.

“All the players are fans, assures us of the FFR.

At gatherings, they sing Cabrel.

It was a good time.

And not just for the karaoke session.

Because the purpose of these VIP sessions, regularly organized by Fabien Galthié and his staff since their appointment, is also to discuss the paths of each.

Often friends of Galthié

"We don't just bring the person to sit down and sing a song," continues the FFR.

It is a moment of sharing, where the questions can be numerous.

It is to make a kind of parallel between the top athlete and the singer, to know how he got up during moments of doubt.

A way to organize a collective psychology session where everyone has their own good word, their experience.

This is why Spinoza Galthié invites guests from different worlds.

Have passed on the couch of Marcoussis Guy Savoy, Jean Dujardin, Thomas Coville or Max Guazzini.

The former president of Stade Français had thus been invited by his former coach in October 2020: “Fabien had asked me to come and testify about what I had done in rugby, in my life.

I talked about rugby as I experienced it and as I did it.

It was of great interest to the players, who asked me a lot of questions.

It was very festive and then I had dinner with them, at a table of 6 eh, and I was with a lot of Toulouse people, Antoine Dupont, Cyril Baille, Julien Marchand and Romain Ntamack.

Besides, Cyril and Antoine came to my house for dinner in the south this summer.


Dujardin inspiring before the Blacks

We do not know if the players of the XV of France also joined Jean Dujardin in his residence of Saint-Cloud, but the passage of OSS 117 at the National Rugby Center had also been very appreciated, before the match against New- Zeeland this fall.

“It feels good to have external solicitations that allow us to decompress, to get some fresh air, rejoiced the second line Thibaut Flament.

These are very inspiring times.

It's very good for the group to be able to release in this way.


Dujardin had also gone there with his little sequence taken from the best LinkedIn posts to motivate the troops: “This pressure, it is good, it is an incredible engine.

(…) I have a good sentence from Claude Lelouche, which really helped me: “Act as if this film would never be released.

Well, that frees you from a lot of stuff.

It could also apply: “Act as if this match was not filmed.

“” Obviously, the session had worked since the Blues had beaten the Blacks and the actor had even returned to the locker room after the meeting.

The famous living environment-playing environment of Galthié

This shock against the Blacks, Thomas Coville did not miss it.

Since he met Fabien Galthié at the Stars of Sport, then during the Coaches' Workshop, the sailor has really fallen in love with the methods of the coach, with whom he discusses regularly.

“I record the matches, I watch them two or three times, explains the skipper of Sodebo.

I am inhabited by what I do and to enter into this logic of someone who is also inhabited and makes you inhabited, it's fabulous.

The two men were so hooked that Galthié even boarded:

He got scared, got seasick. But Fabien needs this danger.

I don't know many who go that far and who are so eclectic in their openness.


Also invited to Marcoussis, Coville, after discussing his world tours, his failures, his successes, let the players ask him questions.

“There were no taboos, we could talk about life, death, a relationship with a family environment.

Me, I have children, what do we tell them when we go around the world or Cape Horn eleven times, the dangers we take.

These things are part of what Fabien called framework of play-frame of life.

He tries to bring into this team, into this family, a living environment-playing environment, which allows the athletes to flourish and to enter into a certain community of spirit, a communion of values.


“A happy athlete is an athlete who becomes successful”

Hence the guru side that we sometimes attach to it.

But Thomas Coville prefers to talk about the pragmatic side of Galthié: “There is a real adherence to a common project that puts people and their fulfillment at the center of the project.

We worked on recovery, he adds.

Fabien is convinced that a happy athlete is an athlete who becomes successful.

An athlete who feels good, at first he is involved, then he becomes concerned and he ends up being inhabited.


Thomas Coville also spoke about pugnacity, collective commitment, recovery.

“I had questions about how, alone, I manage to recover in twenty minutes, continues the holder of the Jules-Verne trophy in 2016. We did an exercise with the group of physiotherapists linked to falling asleep , mental imagery.

Everything is very articulated, but Fabien is in a very strong responsibility of the players.

We are now waiting for Olivier Minne to talk about the rapid weight gain and the high-intensity races in the Fort.


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