Both Luleå and Timrå came from an important victory in the last round.

Luleå defeated second-placed Rögle and Timrå won away against Leksand, a match that came to be written in the history books, as the shortest time that has passed between four goals in a match in the Swedish top league since 1975.

Timrå started strong and had the game advantage in the beginning but it was still Luleå who scored the first goal of the match.

After six minutes played, the home team was able to make it 1-0.

The result lasted the whole period and in the second period it became increasingly eventful.

Messy second period

Timrå won the second period with 2-1 and Luleå was sent off from the period.

A period where Luleå's Juhani Tyrväinen went on a match penalty after he tackled Joey LaLeggia in the back at high speed.

Tyrväinen came behind him at high speed and handed out a hard tackle in the back.

Ty Rattie raced Tyrväinen and handed out a crosschecking, after which he got two minutes.

- With the way I grew up with hockey, he (LaLeggia) must see him.

He looks, he has to protect himself and then he cowards out at the last second and puts himself in a bad seat.

But that's where we'll be playing hockey these days, apparently.

That that is a five, says Erik Gustafsson.

When Rattie's expulsion was over, Timrå took advantage of the numerical superiority and equalized to 2-2.

The match ended 2-2 and in extra time Albin Lundin scored his second goal of the evening and Timrå managed to turn 0-2 into a 3-2 victory.

It is noteworthy that Malmö got two important points when they defeated Brynäs in overtime.

However, Djurgården suffered a heavy loss up in Skellefteå.