An amazing "remontada" for cooperation and the earth sympathizes with the guests

5 artistic scenes in my first league, most notably Al-Arabi's deadly goals

It climbs to third place in the "City" League, Dibba Al Hisn, defeating the amateurs.

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Al-Arabi team returned to the top of the first division with 50 points, benefiting from its victory over Al-Jazirah Al-Hamra (2-1) and waiting for Dibba Al-Fujairah 49 points, at the end of the 20th round of the championship, while Dibba Al-Hisn climbed to third place with 41 points after its victory over « City” with a clean goal, taking advantage of Al Hamriyah’s draw (39 points) with Fujairah (30 points) with a goal for the same, while Al-Bataeh’s balance became (40 points) after its victory over Masafi (2-1) in the most prominent features of the matches that were held on Saturday and Sunday.

Round 20 witnessed five prominent scenes in the First Division, as follows:

Arab goals

The Al-Arabi team continued to score decisive goals in the deadly time when he scored against his host Al-Jazira Al-Hamra in the 89th minute and settled the result in his favour, which reflects a distinguished technical reading of coach Mohammed bin Jalbut, and the high determination of his players, especially since the situation was repeated in more than one match.

Earth sympathizes with the guests

Six visiting clubs for the owners of the land and the public succeeded in returning to their stadiums, achieving positive results, better than the host team, with the victory of Al-Arabi, Al-Bataeh, Dibba Al-Hisn, Hatta, Al-Taawon, and the tie of Al-Hamriyah, which reflects an unprecedented technical state in the amateur league with the land's sympathy with the guests.

Al Jazira Al Hamra Stadium

Players suffered from poor lighting in the Al-Jazira Al-Hamra stadium, which hosted the Al-Jazira Al-Hamra match with Al-Arabi, especially in the second half, which affected the technical yield and the angle of vision for the match referees, which calls for an urgent review.

Strong "Remontada".

Al-Taawoun Club achieved an amazing “Remontada” for the first time this season, after overturning its delay with a goal in the first half to win 3-1. In addition, Al-Taawoun has a previous record, as it achieved "Remontada" twice last season.

A quantum leap for Dibba Al-Hisn

Dibba Al-Hisn became the most benefited from the results of the last round, after rising to third place and reducing the points difference with the leader to nine points and runner-up eight points, after his important victory over City with a clean goal, despite the difficulty of the match.

League standings after round 20:

Arabic: 50 points.

Dibba Al-Fujairah: 49 points.

Dibba Al-Hisn: 41 points.

Bataeh: 40 points.

Hamriya: 37 points.

Hatta: 31 points.

Fujairah: 30 points.

Gulf FC: 21 points.

Masfout: 17 points.

Red Island: 17 points.

Masafi: 15 points.

Dhaid: 15 points.

Cooperation: 13 points.

Rams: 11 points.

City: 6 points.

Round 21

Saturday 27 February:

 Dibba - Fujairah.

Rams - Masafi.

Hatta - the red island.

Arabic - City.

Al Bataeh - Gulf FC.

Sunday 28 February:

Hamriyah - Dhaid.

Cooperation - Masfoot.

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