At the Beijing Winter Olympics, which ended on the 20th, our athletes showed a wonderful image of doing their best with indomitable fighting spirit.

Today (23rd), as the first seat of the team, we are with Team Leader Yoon Hong-geun, who worked hard to help our players to show their maximum skills.

Q. Join us for the 17-day Winter Olympics…

How do you feel?

[Yoon Hong-geun / Beijing Winter Olympics Korean Athletes Team Leader: At first, I participated with a bloated dream, but since China is the host country, there were various concerns.

However, since sports are fair play, I thought that this would be a sufficient influence, but when I entered the game, there were various problems.]

Q. Promoting the players…

How would you rate the Winter Olympics?

[Yoon Hong-geun / Head of the Korean Athletes at the Beijing Winter Olympics: When we first started, a lot of our media officials asked if we were really only ranked 15th, but now we have finished the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and the venue is China. In fact, some of these problems were expected.

So, taking this situation into account, I expected about one or two gold medals and a total of five or six medals like this.]

Q. Short track bias judgment controversy…

What was the atmosphere at the time?

[Yoon Hong-geun / Head of the Korean Athletes at the Beijing Winter Olympics: On the 7th day, Hwang Dae-heon, Lee Jun-seo, and Park Jang-hyuk were disqualified due to bias despite the fact that three athletes finished first, right?

After that incident, how to deal with it from then on, our team and all the sports officials were in a very serious situation.

Didn't all the athletes who competed in the Olympics support 4 years of youth?

So, I strongly sent a letter of protest to the ISU, I also sent a letter of protest to the IOC, and I personally had a videoconference with ISU President Jan Deikema. I pointed out the referee's problem, and that part reminded me that 8 billion people around the world are watching, and fortunately, our players found their composure, and on that day, our player Kim Min-seok won the bronze medal in speed, and the mood turned around.]

Q. Choi Min-jung confirmed gold medal...

Did you like it?

[Yoon Hong-geun / Head of the Korean Athletes Team at the Beijing Winter Olympics: I am going in now.

(Various emotions must have crossed.) I've never cried or cried in a seat like that, but I'm rather emotional, so I'm starting to cry.]

Q. How to train winter sports players?

[Yoon Hong-geun/Chief of the Korean Athletes at the Beijing Winter Olympics: Actually, I am sorry to our people this time as well, that medals were only awarded in short and speed in ice events.

Actually, it would have been nice if there were some medals in the snow event and much better results, but first of all, we will select and focus on the part of the ice that we can do best, and in the future, we will introduce the best medical and scientific training system in this area. I think that the second golden age of our figure skating will come, and we plan to support and nurture athletes so that we can achieve this kind of performance in the next Milan Olympics by selecting and focusing on this part and providing enough support.]