On February 20, the closing ceremony of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics officially kicked off at the National Stadium "Bird's Nest".

Photo by China News Agency reporter Mao Jianjun

  As the Five Rings of Dreams slowly lifted off, the familiar "Me and You" echoed from the "Bird's Nest", and time and space seemed to travel back to the summer 14 years ago.

  That summer, we cheered for the athletes' outstanding performance and excited for China's more active integration into the world. 2008 became an indelible collective memory for all Chinese people.

When Rogge, then president of the International Olympic Committee, praised at the closing ceremony, "This is an unparalleled Olympic Games", many people had tears in their eyes.

On August 8, 2008, the fireworks "Historical Footprints" for the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games were set off over Tiananmen Square.

Image source: Visual China

  Today, 14 years later, another "unparalleled" Olympic event has come to an end in the "Bird's Nest".

From the outstanding performance of the world's athletes to the meticulous competition organization; from "Beijing has the most beautiful ice rink in the world" to "the closed loop is the safest place in the world"; from the ubiquitous application of black technology inside and outside the arena, to The simple and sincere smiles of the volunteers.

With the successful holding of the Winter Olympics, Beijing has become the world's first "Double Olympic City".

  After more than 6 years of preparation and 16 days of presentation, Beijing has fulfilled its solemn commitment to the bid.

An ice and snow feast that is simple, safe, and wonderful, extraordinary and excellent, has become the best answer to the world.

At a time when the shadow of the epidemic is still looming over the world, the success of the Beijing Winter Olympics has given China more confidence, and it has also conveyed to the world the determination to unite and overcome the difficulties together.

On February 20, the closing ceremony of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics officially kicked off at the National Stadium "Bird's Nest".

Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

  “The reason why we can have such an unforgettable experience is all thanks to our warm and hospitable hosts – all the Chinese people! At present, more than 300 million people in China have participated in ice and snow sports. The Chinese ice and snow athletes have achieved great success and established the Winter Olympics The positive impact it will bring. This is a truly unparalleled Winter Olympics." International Olympic Committee President Bach once again spoke highly of the Beijing Winter Olympics at the closing ceremony.

  If the Beijing Olympics are full of magnificent traditional elements, we no longer need to rely on grand scenes to tell Chinese stories in the Beijing Winter Olympics 14 years later.

From the traditional solar zodiac signs to modern high-tech presentations; from the Chinese speed of the Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed rail, to the food "falling from the sky" in the Winter Olympics restaurant, and even the down-to-earth leek zygote, they have all become eye-catching labels.

Data map: The main Olympic torch was lit, and the curtain of the Beijing Olympic Games was officially opened.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Ren Chenming

  On the field, the Chinese sportsmen who have experienced the baptism of the "Double Olympics" are full of confidence and atmosphere.

Gao Tingyu, the flag bearer at the opening and closing ceremonies, said, "If you don't break the Olympic record now, are you embarrassed to win the championship?" Su Yiming, 17, smiled and asked the outside world to stop criticizing the referee after he missed the championship.

  Outside the arena, the Chinese are more open-minded about success or failure in the arena.

14 years ago, we were full of regrets and even criticized for Liu Xiang's withdrawal from the competition; now our understanding of athletes is full of humanistic care - "I want to give Su Bing a medal", "Model worker Kong Fanying has worked hard! Participation is victory!"

On February 20, the closing ceremony of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics officially kicked off at the National Stadium "Bird's Nest".

The picture shows the fireworks show at the end of the closing ceremony: One Family in the World.

  Behind tolerance is growing self-confidence. The source of self-confidence is the rapid development and change of China.

Relying on science and technology and green, whether it is the increasing integration of various technology application scenarios into life, the strong ability of "building a strong country", the concept of the "carbon neutral" Winter Olympics achievements, or the surging power of coordinated development, they are finally implemented into ordinary A sense of gain within the reach of the people.

  Following the "unparalleled" Beijing Olympics 14 years ago, the "Bird's Nest Generation" allowed the international community to see a vibrant China; when another "unparalleled" Winter Olympics came to an end 14 years later, a brand-new China has shown itself in front of the world, becoming more calm, more confident, and more powerful while still being dynamic and hospitable.