(Beijing Winter Olympics) Top Ten Stars of the Chinese Legion

  China News Agency, Beijing, February 20 (Reporter Xing Chong) The Beijing Winter Olympics closed on the 20th.

The Chinese Legion has created the best record since participating in the Winter Olympics, and they are also making history by constantly surpassing themselves.

On February 12, the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics speed skating men's 500m final was held at the "Ice Ribbon" at the National Speed ​​Skating Stadium.

China's Gao Tingyu broke the Olympic record with a time of 34.32 seconds and won the championship.

This is the first time China has won a gold medal in the men's speed skating event at the Winter Olympics.

The picture shows Gao Tingyu celebrating the victory.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Li Jun

Gao Tingyu - Men's 500m speed skating gold medal

  Speed ​​skating is known as the "mother of ice skating", and the intensity of the men's 500m is comparable to the track and field 100m "Flying Man".

Gao Tingyu made history again and again in this event that was difficult for Chinese players to enter. Pyeongchang won the bronze medal and became the first Chinese man to win the speed skating Winter Olympics medal; Beijing won the gold medal and rewrote China's record in breaking the Olympic record. The history of the men's gold medal in speed skating at the Winter Olympics.

  If Zhang Hong won the women's 1000m champion in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, China has achieved three major breakthroughs in the three consecutive Winter Olympics, and the progress of the Chinese speed skating team is the embodiment of "China's speed".

On February 14, the women's freestyle skiing women's aerial skills final of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics was held at Zhangjiakou Genting Ski Park. Chinese athlete Xu Mengtao won the championship.

The picture shows Xu Mengtao celebrating at the ceremony of awarding souvenirs.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Tomita

Xu Mengtao - Gold Medal in Freestyle Skiing Women's Aerial Skills, Silver Medal in Mixed Team

  "Snow" and "Peach" are all heroes. Xu Mengtao, who participated in the Winter Olympics for the fourth time, won the Winter Olympics championship with the most difficult movements of the current female aerial skills, and achieved the Grand Slam of her 16-year career.

  From the runner-up in Sochi to the champion in Beijing, Xu Mengtao spent 8 years changing the silver medal in the individual event to a gold medal; for the Chinese women's aerial skills team, this gold medal has been waited for 24 years.

After realizing her dream and looking back, she thanked many people, and also thanked herself for not giving up.

On February 18, the champion Chinese team player Gu Ailing at the medal presentation ceremony.

On the same day, the awarding ceremony of the women's U-shaped field skills medals for the freestyle skiing of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics was held in the award square of Zhangjiakou Division.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Zhai Yujia

Gu Ailing - Gold Medal in Women's Freestyle Skiing Platform, Gold Medal in U-shaped Field Skills, Silver Medal in Slope Obstacle Skills

  With two golds and one silver, talented ski girl Gu Ailing made her "epic name" when she first entered the Winter Olympics - she was the first athlete to win medals in three different freestyle skiing events at the Winter Olympics.

  In the Winter Olympics, it is not only her achievements that make Gu Ailing stand out.

Wearing ski suits embroidered with golden dragons, on skis with the words "Dragon among people" on her feet, eating leek boxes at equal intervals, and comforting her opponents after winning the championship, her every move is highly sought after because people see a champion The players have a rich, three-dimensional and diverse image.

On February 15, the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Snowboard Men's Big Jumping Final was held at the Shougang Ski Jumping Platform. Chinese player Su Yiming won the championship.

The picture shows Su Yiming after the souvenir ceremony.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Mao Jianjun

Su Yiming - Gold Medal in Men's Big Ski Jumping, Silver Medal in Slope Obstacle Skills

  Although he and Gu Ailing are friends of the same age, Su Yiming did not attract as much attention as his childhood friend before the game, and people's impression still remains on the "Little Shuan" he once played.

Now his "Yiming" is amazing, becoming the first Chinese male skater to advance to the Winter Olympics finals, the first to win a medal, and the first to win a gold medal.

  On the podium, whether winning the championship or picking up silver, this 18-year-old teenager laughed in the sky and became a touching scene at the Winter Olympics.

He respects his opponents and responds generously to the controversy of "being given a low score by the referee"; he challenges himself and keeps hitting the gold medal with difficulty.

He said an eternal truth in a childish tone - "Everything can be expected, and my efforts will not fail me."

In the short track speed skating mixed team relay final that ended on the evening of February 5, the Chinese team consisting of Wu Dajing, Ren Ziwei, Fan Kexin and Qu Chunyu took the lead in crossing the finish line, winning the first place for the Chinese sports delegation in this Winter Olympics. gold medals.

The picture shows Wu Dajing (left) celebrating after the game.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Mao Jianjun

Wu Dajing - Gold Medal in Short Track Speed ​​Skating Mixed Relay

  From the 500-meter silver medal in Sochi to the 500-meter gold medal in Pyeongchang, Wu Dajing took four years to become China's first short track speed skating men's Winter Olympic champion.

After another four years, he led his team to win the mixed relay gold medal and won the first gold medal of the Chinese sports delegation at this Winter Olympics.

In his words, he "played a sample" for the Chinese sports delegation.

  In fact, Wu Dajing is also "proofing" for China's short track speed skating.

What is moving is that after the physical strength declined in the men's 1000m final, Wu Dajing chose to help Ren Ziwei to get stuck, and touched Ren Ziwei's hand to signal him to go first.

Wu Dajing said that he wants to be "the one who gives the players a sense of security". As long as the national team needs it, he will be called at any time.

On the evening of February 6, the Beijing Winter Olympics short track speed skating mixed team relay award ceremony was held.

This is Wu Dajing's two consecutive Winter Olympics gold medals, and it is also the first time that Ren Ziwei, Fan Kexin, Qu Chunyu and Zhang Yuting have reached the Olympic champion podium.

The picture shows the Chinese team members Fan Kexin (front left) and Ren Ziwei (front right).

Photo by China News Agency reporter Li Jun

Fan Kexin - Gold Medal in Short Track Speed ​​Skating Mixed Relay, Bronze Medal in Women's Relay

  Along with Wu Dajing, he is a veteran of the three dynasties, but Fan Kexin's journey to the Winter Olympics is even more bumpy.

The tears of the past were finally resolved at the Beijing Winter Olympics. She won the coveted gold medal and led the Chinese women's team to the relay podium again after 12 years.

She also shed tears at the Beijing Winter Olympics, but this time she has no regrets.

  At the moment of leaving the ice rink, Fan Kexin leaned over and kissed the ice surface, which became a lingering emotional scene for many people.

When the outside world interpreted this as her farewell to the short track speed skating arena, the veteran called it a "start".

She hopes that the little sister next to her will take the baton and continue to rush forward, but as long as short track speed skating needs her, she will always stand on the ice.

In the men's 1000m short track speed skating final at the Beijing Winter Olympics on the evening of February 7, Chinese player Ren Ziwei took the lead in hitting the line and won the championship.

The other two Chinese players Li Wenlong and Wu Dajing who entered the final ranked second and fourth respectively.

The picture shows Ren Ziwei celebrating his victory.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Mao Jianjun

Ren Ziwei - Gold Medal in Short Track Speed ​​Skating Mixed Relay, Men's 1000m Gold Medal

  As the most outstanding Chinese short track speed skater in the Beijing cycle, Ren Ziwei lived up to his responsibilities at the Winter Olympics and was crowned the "Double Champion", becoming the first Chinese male athlete to win two gold medals in one Winter Olympics .

  Just like his nickname "The Elephant", Ren Ziwei has a lot of momentum both on the field and in training.

After the Beijing Winter Olympics, a new generation of China's short track speed skating king has grown up, and the future is as he said - Ren Ziwei will not disappoint everyone, and China's short track speed skating will not disappoint everyone.

On February 19, the Chinese pair Sui Wenjing (left)/Han Cong won the pair skating championship at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics figure skating pair skating free skating competition at the Capital Gymnasium.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Mao Jianjun

Sui Wenjing/Han Cong - Gold Medal in Figure Skating Pair Skating

  In the last lunar year of the tiger, Chinese pair skating duo Shen Xue/Zhao Hongbo won the Vancouver Winter Olympics in one fell swoop, winning the first ever gold medal in figure skating for the Chinese team.

Now their apprentices Sui Wenjing/Han Cong have replicated their brilliance and fought back against the odds under the "siege" of the Russian-Olympic team, winning gold from the "tiger's mouth".

  People were moved, not only was the "Sui and Han Combination" in the finals making a difficult move "twisting around" that other contestants had not yet fully mastered, but also the two people's personal experience of supporting each other and weathering the storm together was turned into every detail. Emotional interpretation.

The gold medal won by "Tiger" will moisten things silently and nourish the future development of Chinese figure skating.

On February 16, Chinese player Qi Guangpu was in the game.

On the same day, the freestyle skiing men's aerial skills final of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics was held in the Zhangjiakou Division. Chinese player Qi Guangpu won the championship.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Zhai Yujia

Qi Guangpu - Gold Medal in Freestyle Skiing Men's Aerial Skills, Silver Medal in Mixed Team

  The same veteran of the four dynasties, and also the king of difficulty, Qi Guangpu won the championship with an absolute advantage. After 16 years, the Chinese men's aerial skills team finally reconnected with the Winter Olympics gold medal.

  From the first gold medal in the Chinese Winter Olympics to the 16-year absence of the highest podium, generations of aerialists have endured hardships and ups and downs.

At the Beijing Winter Olympics, Qi Guangpu and Xu Mengtao made new history with difficult jumps again and again - the Chinese aerial skills team won the gold medal in the men's and women's Winter Olympics for the first time.

"Ace on the Snow", finally blooming.

On February 11, the men's bobsleigh competition at the Beijing Winter Olympics ended. Chinese athlete Yan Wengang won the bronze medal with a time of 4:01.77 in four rounds, creating the best result in the history of Chinese players in this event. .

The picture shows Chinese player Yan Wengang celebrating after the game.

Yan Wengang - Bronze Medal in Men's Snowmobile

  Although 24-year-old Yan Wengang won a bronze medal in "Snow Dragon", he has achieved a major breakthrough in snow sports in China - this is the first steel frame snowmobile medal won by a Chinese player at the Winter Olympics. .

  You must know that the China Steel Frame Snow Team has only been established for just 7 years, and Yan Wengang is also a player who came from the long jump and cross-border.

Standing on the Olympic stage for the first time and winning the bronze medal, Yan Wengang filled another gap in China's ice and snow sports, and also let the world see China's "steel speed".