The NBA-American Professional Basketball All-Star Game took place in Cleveland, Ohio on the 20th, when "Team LeBron" beat "Team Durant" 163 to 160.

In the NBA all-star game, players selected by fan voting etc. will participate, "Team LeBron" capped by Lakers LeBron James and "Team Durant" capped by Nets Kevin Durant We divided into two and played against each other.

The match was meant to be in memory of former star player Kobe Bryant, who died in an accident two years ago.

It was a special rule that the player who reached the number obtained by adding 24 points to the score of the leading team at the end of the third quarter, named after Brian's uniform number "24", wins.

In the fourth quarter, "Team LeBron" captain James scored the final shot and beat "Team Durant" 163 to 160.

Stephen Curry of the Warriors, who scored 50 points, was selected as the MVP = Most Valuable Player, who scored 16 three-point shots, which greatly broke the all-star record from the previous nine.