The Beijing Olympic Games Organizing Committee held a press conference before the closing ceremony on the 20th, summarizing that "corona measures were successful and it was a wonderful event."

At a press conference held in Beijing, Cai Qi, the chairman of the Games Organizing Committee and the top secretary of Beijing, sent a video message saying, "All competitions were safe and smooth. The Beijing Olympics was a great event and the first scheduled international sports event in Corona. "

From last month before the tournament to the 19th of this month, the person in charge emphasized that only 172 people were confirmed to be infected as a result of a total of about 1.79 million new corona PCR tests conducted in the so-called bubble. Did.

On the other hand, a reporter said that the former deputy prime minister of China had confessed to sexual relations on SNS. "What should I do to protect these female athletes?" Was asked, but President Yang Yang of the China Athletes Commission said, "I can't comment on each case. There is an opportunity for female athletes to participate in the competition. Something is very meaningful. "