(Beijing Winter Olympics) Beijing Awards Plaza successfully completed the operation task of the Winter Olympics

  China News Service, Beijing, February 20th. On the evening of February 19th, when the award ceremony for the speed skating women's collective departure ended, the Beijing Awards Plaza successfully completed the operation of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

  Beijing Awards Plaza is an important non-competition venue for the Beijing Winter Olympics. Since its operation on February 6, it has experienced 14 awards days, held a total of 30 award ceremonies, and presented medals to more than 150 athletes from 17 countries. , Chinese players received a total of 5 gold medals, 1 silver medal and 1 bronze medal in Beijing Awards Plaza.

Among the winners at the award ceremony at the Beijing Awards Plaza is Su Yiming, the gold medal winner of the men's big platform jumping in snowboard.

Photo courtesy of the operation team of Beijing Awards Plaza

  The Beijing Awards Plaza operation team also served more than 500 OBS (Olympic Broadcasting Service) staff and received nearly 1,000 media, making every effort to ensure the smooth operation of the award ceremony, media services and audience organization.

Nearly 5,000 spectators watched the award ceremony live.

  During the operation period, Beijing Awards Plaza and Zhangjiakou Awards Plaza alternate for global live broadcasts every day. The two brother venues are closely connected and closely matched to jointly present a simple and wonderful award ceremony to the world.

  According to reports, in order to ensure the perfect presentation of the award ceremony, the etiquette team responsible for awarding awards on the stage has been screened and trained layer by layer, and spent nearly a year of rigorous training. Every action of walking, guiding, and end plate, strives to be beautiful and precise.

A warm-up performance at the Beijing Awards Plaza.

Photo courtesy of the operation team of Beijing Awards Plaza

  In order to raise the national flag and play the national anthem with zero mistakes, the national flag and national anthem field has formulated a review mechanism for a total of ten links, and backed up the flag-raising device and the national anthem playback equipment. Every game and every level; the honor guard always anchors the highest standards, maintains the best state, takes every positive step, and does every action well, to ensure that the flag is raised and the national anthem is played accurately and solemnly.

  The most challenging is the transportation field that serves the award-winning athletes. Even if the athletes change their itinerary every day, forget to bring the award clothes, and rush to the training ground, it is necessary to ensure that the award-winning athletes are picked up on time for every game. Come and return safely.

  The Beijing Winter Olympics coincides with the Chinese Spring Festival. In order to create a festive atmosphere of festive reunion and convey traditional Chinese culture and the Olympic spirit, the Beijing Awards Plaza has different warm-up programs every day.

For example, "2022 to Beijing" performed by the band, fully mobilized the atmosphere of the scene with a cheerful and enthusiastic rhythm, leading the audience to sing and dance together; with the creative landscape Tai Chi program, Yang Dezhan, a young martial artist who appeared on CCTV's Spring Festival Gala of the Year of the Tiger in 2022, was invited as a special guest The guests made their first performance of "Chinese Kung Fu" at the Beijing Awards Plaza, allowing the audience to appreciate the charm of traditional Chinese martial arts; the song and dance performance "Together to the Future" conveyed the call for building a community with a shared future for mankind...

Warm-up show.

Photo courtesy of the operation team of Beijing Awards Plaza

  After the award ceremony, there will be a beautiful light and shadow show.

As part of the award performance, the light and shadow show has four themes of "ice and snow, dynamic, national style, and life". Through projection technology and lighting design, Chinese light and shadow are used to fully set off the highlight moments of the award-winning athletes.

  The award plaza is one of the main cultural features that distinguish the Winter Olympics from the Summer Olympics.

As one of the main venues and exhibition venues for the award ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Beijing Awards Plaza, with its unique functional orientation, shoulders the heavy responsibility of spreading the Olympic spirit, presenting the highlight moments of athletes to the world and highlighting the unique charm of Chinese culture. .

The raising ceremony of the award plaza.

Photo courtesy of the Beijing Awards Official Operation Team

  The stage of the Beijing Awards Plaza is named after "beauty and beauty", and the creativity comes from the visual element of "snow house", which has both ice and snow characteristics and the temperature of "home", which symbolizes that Beijing takes the Winter Olympics as an opportunity to invite guests from all over the world to spend reunion together. The full sincerity of the Chinese New Year reflects the beautiful vision of the global human family living in harmony and harmony.

  As the only operation team to switch venues during the transition period, after the Winter Olympics, the Beijing Award Plaza operation team will fully move to the Yanqing Winter Paralympic Award Plaza to provide a full range of barrier-free services such as facilities, exchanges, and operations.

Light show.

Photo courtesy of the Beijing Awards Official Operation Team

  It is reported that the Yanqing Winter Paralympics Awards Plaza will invite artists from the China Disabled Persons' Art Troupe to give a wonderful warm-up performance. Combined with the characteristics of the Winter Paralympic Games, it will show the optimistic, confident and high-spirited outlook of the disabled, with vitality and imagination. The performance of power pays tribute to Winter Paralympic athletes from all over the world (regions), and sings praises for strength and dreams.