A common snowflake at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

February 20

Beijing Winter Olympics come to closing day

Under the beautiful vision of "Together to the Future"

Beijing Winter Olympics for ice and snow athletes around the world

Build a stage for chasing dreams

under a common snowflake

The Beijing Winter Olympics have also built for the world

A platform for common communication

On February 6, the award plaza in the Beijing competition area was "opened" for the first time. The Winter Olympics "Snowflake" torch stage was framed with the dazzling bird's nest at night, sparkling and dreamy.

Image source: Visual China

A look back at the last 16 match days

Snow athletes show Olympic spirit

also explained

higher, faster, stronger, more united

Olympic motto

When Jia Zongyang walked to the waiting area, Xu Mengtao, who was waiting there, gave his teammates a big hug.

The picture shows Xu Mengtao (left) hugging Jia Zongyang (right).

9 gold 4 silver 2 bronze

at the Beijing Winter Olympics

The Chinese delegation created the best result in a single competition

Courage, self-confidence, unity, optimism, tenacity...

The spirit of Chinese ice and snow athletes

infect everyone

On February 14, Chinese player Gu Ailing ushered in the first show of freestyle ski slope obstacle skills.

She scored 79.38 points in the second skating round of the qualifying round.

During the equal division, she ate the leek zygote.

Beijing Winter Olympics

There are also too many topics to talk about

Gu Ailing, who eats leek zygote when the fraction is equal

Maltese girl who eats 6 bean buns a day

The down-to-earth Northeastern dialect on the curling rink

"In three days, I will gain ten pounds"

"My eyes are rulers"


Screenshots of netizens' comments

"It's over so soon"

"Time flies so fast"

“It’s a shame”


Just 16 match days

left too much regret

The mascot of the Hangzhou Asian Games.

Photo courtesy of Hangzhou Asian Organizing Committee

Although Bing Dun Dun is about to "get off work"

but his good friend

Cong Cong, Lian Lian, Chen Chen

on the way

On October 20, a child interacted with the mascot doll of the Hangzhou Asian Games at the Grand Canal Temple Fair in China.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Wang Gang

201 days later

2022 Asian Games to be held in Hangzhou

February 21st 20:00

It will officially enter the 200-day countdown to the Hangzhou Asian Games

Chinese athletes

Will continue to chase dreams on the Asian Games stage

Quan Hongchan in the Tokyo Olympic Games.

you will also see

those at the Tokyo Olympics

Chinese athletes who have created countless touches and honors

Including esports and breakdance

It will also inject new vitality into the Hangzhou Asian Games.

Data map: E-sports competition.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Yin Liqin

until September 10

We will see you at the Hangzhou Asian Games!

(Source: China-Singapore Sports Wechat Public Account Author: Song Meihui)