The Chinese Hong Kong delegation summarizes the Winter Olympics: show style, gain experience, and strengthen confidence

  Xinhua News Agency, Hong Kong, Feb. 19 (Xinhua) -- The Chinese Hong Kong delegation sent three athletes to the Beijing Winter Olympics, the most ever.

Although Zhu Dingwen, Weng Houquan and Jin Hexiao failed to achieve the desired results in the end, their spiritual outlook was recognized by the outside world.

The delegation believes that through this competition, the athletes have gained experience and they are more motivated to promote ice and snow sports in Hong Kong.

  Before the start of the Winter Olympics, short track speed skater Zhu Dingwen was on fire.

This native Hong Kong youth is deeply loved by ice fans because of his authentic "Northeast accent".

During the Winter Olympics, Zhu Dingwen picked up Weibo, and often shared with netizens his feelings about the game, details of training, and experiences of the Winter Olympics Village. He also cheered and liked Wu Dajing and other Chinese team players.

  In the men's 500m preliminaries, Zhu Dingwen accidentally collided with a skater from the Netherlands, and finally ranked third in the group, but unfortunately failed to advance.

The first show of the Winter Olympics encountered a "round tour", and he admitted that he was "a little disappointed".

But the 22-year-old also said: "I am very happy to be able to stand on the same starting line with the world's top players such as Wu Dajing. I feel very honored."

  Lu Shuo, vice-chairman of the Hong Kong Skating Federation of China, told Xinhua that Zhu Dingwen did have some deficiencies in experience on the field, but he also showed the characteristics of Hong Kong athletes off the field, which made him satisfied.

  Lu Shuo said: "Zhu Dingwen shows a very positive and sunny image of a young Hong Kong man. His love for the motherland and his longing for glory can all be reflected in him."

  Zhu Dingwen's appearance at the Winter Olympics further aroused the enthusiasm of Hong Kong citizens for ice and snow sports.

Lu Shuo said: "Because we often train in Dongguan, many Hong Kong families living in the mainland also want to send their children here. With more people participating, we can improve the echelon construction and cultivate reserve forces."

  In addition to Zhu Dingwen, two other alpine skiers, Weng Houquan and Jin Hexiao, both made mistakes in the race and unfortunately failed to finish the race.

In an interview with reporters, they said that although the results were not satisfactory, they were very honored to represent Hong Kong, China at the Winter Olympics. This competition is also a good opportunity to accumulate experience.

  Yu Guoxian, chairman of the Hong Kong Ski Association of China, commented: "This is the first time for the two to participate in the Winter Olympics, which is a great honor in itself. This is a precious experience, and they will have many competitions to participate in the future, so The Beijing Winter Olympics will allow them to grow."

  In 2008 and 2022, Yu Guoxian walked into the "Bird's Nest" twice as a member of the Hong Kong delegation to participate in the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.

He said: "Every time I am in a good mood, the hosting of the Olympic Games has further promoted the development of the city of Beijing. This is a successful Winter Olympics. The three competition areas are running in an orderly manner in terms of transportation, and professional teams such as volunteers are enthusiastic. Attentive and made us feel welcome.”

  In addition, during the Winter Olympics, Yu Guoxian also had in-depth exchanges with the International Snow Federation and the General Administration of Sports of the People's Republic of China, which also strengthened his determination to continue to develop ice and snow sports in Hong Kong.

  "Participating in the Winter Olympics this time is like a shot in the arm. In the future international competitions, Hong Kong, China will continue to actively participate. At the same time, we will also strengthen echelon construction and make good use of the support of the SAR government to allow more athletes from Hong Kong, China to participate in the competition. Show yourself on the competition stage.”

  Writer: Wei Hua

  Participating reporter: Zhu Hong