[Beijing Winter Olympics] The world's first humanoid hexapod robot made its debut at the Winter Olympics

  Shanghai Jiaotong University released news on the 18th that a special robot "player" made its Winter Olympics debut at the "Ice Cube" on the 18th: a curling throwing performance.

It has a pair of middle "legs" to support the body, a pair of rear "legs" to pedal the starter, and a pair of front "legs" for the "hands" to control the direction, movement and rotation speed of the curling, and hit the target with a hard shot!

  This curling robot "player" is supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology's national key research and development plan "Science and Technology Winter Olympics", led by Gao Feng, a professor at the School of Mechanical and Power Engineering of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai Jiaotong University and Shanghai Intelligent Manufacturing Function Platform Co., Ltd. The six-legged curling robot research team formed by the research team has developed the world's first six-legged curling robot that imitates the behavior of human pedaling, supporting sliding, and rotating curling.

  According to reports, humans control the direction and rotation speed of the curling with their hands, the feet of one leg support the body, and the other leg pedals the starter. The function is very consistent with the division of labor between the hands and feet when a person throws curling.

(Xu Jing, Qichen and Jiang Qianqian produced Xu Miaoqiao's video from Shanghai Jiaotong University)

Responsible editor: [Chen Haifeng]