The opening game of this season of soccer J1 was held in Kawasaki City tonight, and Kawasaki Frontale, aiming for the third straight victory, beat FC Tokyo 1-0 and got off to a good start.

Corona has a big influence this season in the 30th year of the J League

The J-League will be held in the 30th year of this season as well, under the influence of the new coronavirus.

As of November last year, it was said that it would aim to hold a match this season without limiting the number of spectators, but given the rapid spread of infection, 20,000 people in areas where priority measures such as spread prevention are applied. The opening was started with restrictions on admission, such as the upper limit.

Aloud support is still prohibited to prevent infection at the stadium.

It will continue to be difficult for the club to respond.

According to the J-League, the number of cases in which players and others test positive for the new corona is increasing in each club, and a total of 162 people were tested positive in the last month.

From this season, each club has been conducting regular inspections of players and staff twice a week, but in addition to this, as a provisional measure until the end of next month, players and staff will be infected after the day before the game. If it is determined that there is a suspicion of, an antigen test is conducted on the day of the match.

In the first official game of the season "Super Cup" held on the 12th of this month, four people including Kawasaki Frontale players and staff were judged to be positive by the day before, so it was held after conducting the inspection on the day. rice field.

If only players who are confirmed to be negative can participate and there are not more than 13 players including one goalkeeper, the match for the day will be canceled and an alternative schedule will be adjusted.

In addition, there are new foreign players and staff who have not been able to enter the country due to the government's border measures, and of these, Kashima Antlers and Sanfrecce Hiroshima will open without new foreign coaches.